Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best Android Audio Manager Application you: AudioManager

Audio Manager

Audio Manager is the best audio manager application for android gadget has been downloaded more than 2 million times since its launch. This application is able to adjust the audio volume level on Android gadgets to your liking. The entire audio functions like volume in your gadget ringtone, alarm tone for incoming messages, reminder notifications, etc. can be controlled easily with the help of this application.
Audio Manager

Besides the audio settings are being used will be featured on this widget on the home-screen, so you do not have to open and go in to just see the mode in use. Also to change/reset the audio, you can do directly from the home-screen widgets, easy is not it?

Features contained in this audio control applications including:
1.       More than 100 skins available widgets that can be used.
2.       Available in 2 sizes to choose from widget
3.       Create, save and edit audio profiles (preset)
4.       Creating a shortcut audio profiles
5.       Rename, edit, and delete audio profiles
6.       Available in ten languages
7.       Create and publish your own skin with Skin Development Kit.
Audio Manager

Free application developer made ​​Smart Android Apps, LLC. These include "Best Android Apps", a book by O'Reilly with the same title, the category of Best Audio Manager App in Android. Has an average rating 4:50 / 5:00 of about 24 thousand people who judge, in addition to satisfying these free applications are also very functional.

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