Sunday, June 17, 2012

Google Play Substitute Google Android Market

Google Play 

After the success of Android and the Android market, Google has released Google Play. Through its official blog, Google introduced a new feature that will control the entertainment world. Why mastering the entertainment world? Because Google will set up very large data storage and cloud-based that will store all data related to digital entertainment (music, film, book / eBook, and applications) worldwide. All data is stored online and can be accessed at any time without having to store it in our Android phones. We can always set your favorite music, favorite movies, favorite games and books that we want. The new shift in the global entertainment world.
google play

Google Play the official Google introduced March 7, 2012. To enjoy it you will be directed to perform an upgrade of Google's Android Market to Play Store. Say Goodbye to the Android Market.

Playing with Google Play we can:
1. Save more than 20,000 songs for free and can buy millions of other songs in a playlist in our Android.
2. Downloading more than 450,000 applications and games
3. EBook search millions from around the world
4. Watching your favorite movies. Read more article..

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  1. Its nice to hear apps was going next level its a very good.thanks for sharing its very important information with us.

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