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Beware! Android Apps Secretly Copy and on upload your photos!

Android Apps - Photos

Several months ago, the New York Times reported that there is a problem in IOS that allows third-party applications can access your photos if you give us permission to access your location. That finding, published experts in the NYT, and it looks like Apple is working to fix it. However, at this time is that there is a rediscovery of the New York Times where the Android is also possible to access private photos on your Smartphone, where third-party developers also have access to the photo of the user without explicitly asking permission to the user (User).

Today, the NYT back with the news that Android apps can access all your photos without receiving permission directly, but the situation is very different from the IOS. The difference is, Apple considers it as something beyond their control and is likely to take action against rogue applications that steal access to the photo library, opposite the Android OS. Access to library photo is not a security hole but it is a capability for the Android OS can do it and that's how the Android. That is, you Android users are in a position not safe if you have photos you want to keep secret in a hidden place in your Android phone.

The situation is worse because every application on the Android platform has the right to connect to the Internet, can access your photos and instantly uploaded to the server without notice or consent requirement of the User. It is unclear whether there are applications available for Android devices actually do this. However, the experts say is that an application can read the images without having to obtain special permission so reported by New York Times, and I quote from

In the New York Times reports that Android developers test applications collect timer. When the application starts and the timer was set, go to your photo library app, take new pictures and can post a photo sharing site.

After this discovery occurred, has responded to Google that reported by The Verge:

We originally designed the system image file on Android is similar to other computing platforms such as Windows and Mac OS. At that time the image is stored on the SD Card making it easier for users to remove the SD card from your phone and move the photos to a computer.
When cell phones and tablet has now evolved and rely on built-in memory that cannot be removed / installed, we then add permission before an application can access the photos. We have a policy to block any application on the Android Market that has evidence of illegal access to user data.

And other response, Google insists that it's a problem, and look into the situation and will probably fix it.

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