Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram Android Could for Landscape Photography

Instagram Android 

By using application editing and sharing photos Instagram, Android just immerse in android cell phone, I started to take action in the best shape ever photos of beautiful natural panorama that morning. This is for the first time I used android for instagram photo session.

It was said that "less than 24 hours after its release on Tuesday (3/4/2012), Instagram downloaded over 1 million times on Google's online application store Play" news from "Android Users will join the 30 million users of iOS users Instagram (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that has produced 5 million images per day," he continued. For me, this news is too sensational. Why? Because the user should first prove its efficacy in generating Instagram photos were good.

Because the urge to prove efficacy Instagram Android that, then I'd like to give it a try for a "test drive" applications that I have installed on my Galaxy Mini. Now it's time to act.

How was the process? From the touch screen of my open applications.Visible display with five feature ready photographing panel below the photo frame that will automatically display the image loading earlier. No need to wait for the completion of loading, I touch the middle panel photo pictorial. Then came to two options, pick a source of "camera" or "photo gallery".

I select the "camera" because I will be photographing the natural landscape in front of me. Object I have photos then I touch the viewfinder image camera and do not shake wherever possible. After my portraits, on screen appear 2 options "Save" or "waste". After push the Save button and then crop the box appears on the squares screen with four buttons on each point its stripes. Its function is to big small images with cropping how to zoom-in or zoom-out. If cropping is too close, and the results can blur less well.

After editing a photo, then there is two closed IE Discard or Accept. If you select the Discard means that the picture is saved in memory at any time can be opened for edit. If you select Accept, besides saving users can edit photo also with 18 filters provided. For Landscape I like select filters, Normal, Hudson, X-Pro, Lo-Fi, Sutro and Nashville. To make an old impression can use filter Earlybird, Toaster, 1977 or Kelvin. This is not just a filter I use in my photo editing Landscape because the result less unsightly.

When you are finished editing the filter, then closed in 2008 I'm trying to upload and share to facebook. I have not tried to share my photos to Twitter or Foursquare. See the photos I uploaded to facebook, in my heart, good results were also commented on. Landscape with the blue of the sky looks beautiful all. Inside, the application may also be used for images spectacle instagram.

That's the way the first one. The second way is after take a picture on object that we select, just select directly to touch "discard" to save the photo and so on. In my room, I used to edit my photos, new with the help of Wi-Fi, I uploaded to social networking. So it's not directly in the edit after photographing objects, because I want to edit in accordance with my tastes.

That was my first experience using instagram app on the Galaxy Mini me. How do you feel after seeing the results of Landscape photographs Android? instagram version or DSLR Camera Pocket Obviously, at this time I have a new tool and a new tool that I would use again for photographing objects which I loved.

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