Saturday, June 30, 2012

Change the look of Android As iPhone

It has Android but would like to change how it looks like the iPhone? Many of the owners of Android Smartphones that want to change the appearance to resemble the look of the iPhone.The display on the iPhone are rated more cool and simple compared to the look of Android. At the moment we can change the look of Android we like the look of iPhone by following the ways below:
Install ADW/GO Launcher
Install ADW/GO Launcher

One launcher which can make you look homescreen Android into iPhone display is by installing ADW Launcher or Go Launcher. Actually 2 launcher has unique features but got the same aspect i.e. Themes of interest. You can download the Themes ranging from original, clones, mash-ups and others. Can all provide an attractive display? Although it's interesting, but the Launcher themes that are free are usually not as interesting as that paid. Due to the limitations of features and limitations must display will be a hindrance because these themes for free.

Install ADW/GO Launcher
Install ADW/GO Launcher

Here there are some iPhone Themes which can be download in Android Market

* Download the ADW.Launcher for Android [Market links]

* Download GO Launcher for Android [Market links]

Flash ROM Android MIUI ROM you Use

It's a little bit difficult, because it requires the courage to do a Flash ROM. What is Flash ROM? Replacing the ROM or software system Android custom ROM. Custom ROMS are usually created by developers who want to develop specific to device ROM. Quite a lot of custom ROMS that are circulating in Android forums. Surely it should have been on the condition the Android Root to flash custom ROM to Android.

One ROM who wishes to display as it has made similar to the iPhone's display is the MIUI ROM. A little resemblance with the icon = icon on home screen applications. One of the customs ROM which is quite in recommend. It looks a bit too similar to the iPhone. We will not teach you how to rooting, flashing this MIUI ROM. Because of the way flashing ROM each device is different.
Install Espier Launcher
Install Espier Launcher

The latter if you want to try, please install launcher Espier. Espier Launcher is very similar to spring board or displays your iPhone home screen. In contrast to the ADW Launcher, launcher/GO comes with spotlight Espier-like search, folder, and “jiggly mode". Uninstall in one click and others.

Android Game Math Maniac

Math Maniac

Math Maniac
Math Maniac

If you have children who like to play games would not hurt to install the Math Maniac in the Android Market. This game can be downloaded for free. This game is not just for those who like math, but can also encourage children who do not like math to play it.

The game is of course only be obtained and on the run using the gadget with the Android operating system. Math maniac is not too difficult for children. In addition to using the pastime with this game can also help launch count for those who are weak in the areas of number crunching.
Math Maniac
Math Maniac

How to play it pretty easy and simple. Examples like the above picture show the number 13 on the lower left side. So we're just now looking for two points or more the result of a sum equal to the number requested. The longer the numbers available will be lost. This dititik difficulties arise. How do I add up the numbers requested by the remaining figures. The game is of course counted on time, if not completed in accordance with the specified time will automatically return to the initial level. This means that each level can not skip and must be completed by the time available.
Math Maniac

Of some user reviews of this Math Maniac game has quite a high rating. If you do happen to have a gadget with the Android operating system there can download it here. Good luck :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Most Chinese Mobile Phone Features Are Not Available Brochures

Chinese Mobile Phone 

chinese mobile phone
chinese mobile phone
The presence of Chinese mobile phone with a brand new, more glow just entered the mobile phone market country. Dozens of brands compete fiercely in the market; a powerful race of breath captured the hearts of potential customers. Unfortunately, the competition was marred some unscrupulous distributors (players) naughty. Way they could harm consumers and threaten the survival of other distributors that intend good and serious. What caused them?

Chinese Mobile phones with this new brand could be an alternative choice of an established brand phones. More affordable with attractive features is given in many types of phones. Their courage even buried features dual-mode or dual-slot GSM or GSM-CDMA to be the solution for addressing the tariff wars of this operator, then an internal TV tuner for watching broadcast television at no cost.

Whatever its name, brand or cell phone local brand Chinese suppliers are from China. Not surprisingly, most of the form fills in the menus and features are also similar, because the choice between brands that exist today actually originated from the same factory. For convenience, this time for phones made by the bamboo curtain country we call it as an alternative phone.

Must be More Selective
At least, until now there are 30s brands of mobile phones in circulation alternatives in phone booths across the archipelago. With so many players who will certainly sharpen the competitive landscape in the mobile market segment. Imagine if just issued from one brand of 10 types of phones, meaning there are about 300an alternative phone options on the market, you'll be dizzy when planning to buy a phone with dual-mode mode or the air-TV.
Customer wants, of course, which will choose a phone with a feature rich, but with the cheap price. And so it offered an alternative phone, its features are abundant and interesting, but sold at relatively cheap prices.

Unfortunately, choosing an alternative Chinese mobile phone is not as easy as we thought. Different when we choose to live branded phone then point to see your ad, choose the majority alternative phone China made us to be a little careful. What for?
In order to maintain the existence of the market or boost sales, mobile phones are taking an alternative path is also an 'alternative', that is by promoting the features on phones that do not correspond to reality.

For example, the casing or in a brochure written by 2 megapixel camera, but in reality it only supports a maximum resolution of 1.3 MP.
In addition there are many other irregularities in the mobile-phone alternative, the signal will disclose it so you better be careful.

*. The camera lies. In the body of the phone there is a hole for the camera but only as a sweetener in it, the camera does not exist.
*. Camera resolution listed on the casing does not match reality. For example printed on the casing 2 MP, in fact only 0.3 MP (VGA)
*. Access buttons on side of body decoration phones only. For example, there are buttons for the camera but does not function, only in the form of accessories just because it forms a permanent casing.
*. Model of mobile phone casing like a well-known brand
*. Not Dual on. This means that only one card is active, whereas the dual-written brochure on (both active card).
*. Java applications should be special. There are alternatives that have been supporting mobile Java technologies, but not all Java applications that can circulate installation.
*. Battery capacity is not as stated in the brochure.
*. The battery cannot be in-charge (rechargeable)
*. Casing material is less good, sometimes there are defects.
*. There are phones that do not qualify for alternative certification but still sold in the market.

*. Service center combined with the store. There is a possibility of this its mobile brands such as 'hit and run' and not willing to invest in after-sales service. If the brand is closed, the shop owner would not want to bear the loss.

Play on the brand and the late
Not all brands of Chinese mobile phone can survive market alternatives. In fact, many of which have disappeared from the market. Therefore be careful to choose the brand,
Outstanding brand in the country today are: Altrec, Anycool, Beyond, Cross, D-One, Gstar, Haier, Hi-Tech, Huawei, Imo, iMobile, Chancellor, Kozi, K-Touch, Lotus, Micxon, Mito , My-G, Nexian, Ozone, Startech, Taxco, Techno, Titan, Vitell, VirtuV, and ZTE.

While the brand has begun to disappear from the market is Hisense, Inco, Konka, Mobile, and VK. In addition to the above brands, mobile phone black market (BM - entry without a distributor lane) and the brand is a play on the well-known brands were available, namely Nckia, Nokla, Motolola, Suny Elicsson, dan Vevtu.

But there are also brands that have not appeared on the market even if registered. Brands those are not present as Al Tone, Bluedio, Ivio, Maxtron, M Mobile, nano, Neotel, Vcall, and Xtelecom.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Galaxy S II Latest Use Pre-Loaded Android 4.0 ICS

Galaxy S II  

Galaxy S II
New user Galaxy S II in India today reported that the device they had just bought had actually been directly fitted with Android OS 4.0 ICS directly from the manufacturer. A clear case of jealousy of the user raises the old Galaxy S II in India, for until now they are also waiting for the release of firmware update officially.

The news about the latest release of Galaxy S II are directly equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich has been busy talking on Twitter late last week, and the news was immediately confirmed by more than one new buyer Galaxy S II in India that they have operated devices using Android OS 4.0 official from Samsung.

Products with firmware that began to appear on the boxes of Galaxy S II that was sent around the month of April 2012. So if you plan to buy a Smartphone Galaxy S II, make sure first that the devices are imported at least in the period from April 2012 so that you can get the Galaxy S II pre-loaded with ICS. Happy hunting!
Galaxy S II

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Maps for Android Officially Getting Offline Support

Google Maps 

Google Maps

Maps event has been announced by Google last week which was held today (U.S. time), as had been planned. In the event Offline Maps has officially come out of Google Labs, which means now no longer in beta.
For users of Google Maps on Android devices in the near future have the option of full maps download in a particular area. Previously this function can only be done by utilizing the cache of route you want to display. With this new feature the user does not need to use a cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

New features offline maps on Google Maps for Android will really help you, especially if you often travel to new cities you've never explored. Also will be working when you're in the internet network is not available.

Unfortunately Google did not give the exact date when offline support for Google Maps for Android is given. Maybe the coming weeks...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Apps Center Has Officially Released

Facebook Apps Center

facebook apps centre
A few times ago Facebook has announced the Facebook Apps Center for the web, Android and IOS. App Center is still in development stage is a place that provides applications and games related to the Facebook developer platform. Interval of one month since the announcement, Facebook Apps Center is now released to the public in San Francisco.

In App Center, Facebook users can browse and find a variety of applications they want. Applications can be found or discovered at random from the update friends, but not in a familiar format like "app store". Facebook Apps Center will recommend applications based on user profiles, and also helped found the most popular applications and applications used by their friends.

App Center is also available for IOS and Android devices other than their own Both the web or mobile, App Center will allow the user preview the application before installing or using it. For now, the newly launched Facebook Apps Center for users in the United States with approximately 600 applications. While the global release will commence the next few weeks.
facebook apps centre
facebook apps centre

Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft Surface Prices Start From $ 599

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Tablet computer when it's already almost become a necessity, despite the early appearance of scorn as much in terms of function is still somewhat limited compared to desktop or laptop. Apple iPad is the pioneer and creator of this tendency. Apple iPad to this moment still lead despite many technology companies vying out maneuvered.

Who is not tempted by the acquisition of which was snatched away by the technology giant headquartered in Cupertino, California, U.S. With only one type of new products are top of their direct leadership of technological devices, like when the iPhone first appeared. Even with these two product lines are only the portion of Apple's profits. Straight up.

IPad murders race began. Poured an incessant series of Samsung Galaxy Tab Android platform with a range of variants, including the size. This business has not been able to conquer the Apple iPad. Motorola, Dell, and several other small technology companies trying to taste the cake portion is very little left by the Apple iPad. RIM BlackBerry bandwagon to try their luck with a direct Playbook drop before the match.

Although they are less fortunate, from the other side of Apple has been credited with creating a new product line to add to their catalog and at least make the crowded arena of competition for technology products is only dominated the desktop and laptop.

Apple iPad conquest trial to date has not expired and getting hotter with the announcement of new products from seasoned technology giant, Microsoft. So far, the technology giant is only good in computer software for the mainstream, desktop and laptop, and never managed to produce hardware. The presence of Microsoft Surface is predicted Apple iPad will conquer, though at the time announced its specifications and mockup Microsoft has also provided assurance reports the date and price.

Then rumors of one the important factors of this iPad prospective conqueror, namely the price. A leading online media TheNextWeb, which have leaked from an insider, said that Surface will be priced U.S. $ 599 to $ 999. As reported by Bloomberg earlier, only the possibility of a model-based Surface wifi. Price $ 599 is for the 32GB model is reinforced with Tegra 3 and Windows RT. And the price is $ 999 for Surface Ivy Bridge with Windows version 8 Pro.

Talking about the price is very sensitive related to competition with other products. Surface version of the $ 599 is likely to be confronted directly with the new retina-display iPad 32GB wifi. And the price of $ 999 for most observers considered being too high because it is sensitive to the price of the Macbook Air and other laptop that class.

If the rumor is true about the price, Windows needs to be cautious and worried about his success. Although Windows already has a sizable fan base, but the bond does not seem as powerful as Windows fans like Apple. So far, Apple has a loyal fan that almost did not price sensitive because it has built a reliable product excellence for many years. Unlike the Windows that despite dominating the software, there is the impression of "forced" because there is no easy option and "forced" to use it.

Minimum price of $ 599 will be very risky overlooked by the average consumer as much iPad tablet in addition to the price far below, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and from some other small vendors. If Microsoft surface wants to successfully compete with Apple iPad or at least not much biting, this pricing strategy needs to be recalculated.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battery Saver For Your Android Application: 2X Battery

Battery Saver 

How many applications are installed on your Android gadgets? Sure is easy and fun to all types of applications you need installed in your gadget? However, it is common knowledge that the main weakness of the gadget is a resource alias Android battery saver. As more and more applications in your gadget, the more wasteful consumption of battery.
Battery Saver Android

This is where the main function of the application 2X Battery - Battery Saver. Free application made ​​by Sam Lu will save energy and battery power like the power 2 batteries on your Android gadgets. How does this application work? 2X Battery Saver uses intelligent algorithms that will enable / disable data connection, reducing energy consumption through efficient use of data, while still maintaining the necessary data to be synchronized.

Some other advanced features of these battery-saving applications are:
1. Turn off the display automatically when the gadget is placed upside down on a table or in a pocket.
2. Built-in filter screen in order to reduce the screen brightness
3. being able to set the connection and data communications running in the background is bright.
4. Night mode support (for PRO version).
5. Complete display data on the use of batteries, time since last charging, the battery of health status, the estimated battery time runs out, voltage, temperature and others.
Battery Saver Android

Based on the testimonials of users who have installed this application, almost all brands gadget Android feeling the effects of savings and the battery last longer. 2X Battery Saver application has been downloaded more than two and a half million times since it was first released. Size of 1.1 MB application gets an average rating of 4.40/5.00 from about 10 thousand more user contributed reviews.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

4 Best Android Smartphones

Android Smartphones

Android is now a market leader in the smartphone OS. Although supported by many vendors, each vendor has its own characteristics. We can see that Sony is very consistent with the Xperia series, the series Galaxy Samsung, and Motorola with Droid series. Each of these vendors also provides a characteristic that can distinguish them from other vendors, such as HTC with the cooperation of Dr Beats. Dre to provide exclusive audio only for the HTC.

When we see, every day, from the last report nearly 750,000 Android device is enabled. Most of the course, smart phones and tablet rest. Among the many Smartphone, of course, would be very difficult to determine which one is best. Fortunately the internet a lot of outstanding reviews Smartphone smart phones so consumers can determine the best fit with the style of their daily lives.

Lifehacker provides guidance on the names of the best categorized as a Smartphone. Of course this is viewed in many ways and not necessarily suitable to you at this time if you want to buy a Smartphone. However, as far as news is available on the Internet, it seems the choice is quite worthy of consideration Lifehacker. So what is the best Android Smartphones?

A. Samsung Galaxy Note

samsung galaxy note
Actually, probably not suitable to be called a Smartphone, but it would be better suited called Phablet (Phone and Tablet) because the screen is very big for a regular Smartphone. Note Galaxy some time ago chalked sales of five million units. Sales of this much under-estimated that Samsung positive impact on earnings in the first quarter of this.

Although armed only with Android gingerbread, but of course can be updated to the Ice Cream Sandwich. Width of 5.3 inch super AMOLED screen accompanied by a cool stylus pen. The processor is also sufficient, ie 1.4 GHz dual core. 8 megapixel camera with a resolution of two megapixels in the back and front. Galaxy of course there are many advantages of this Note, as well as bringing new trends, gadgets hybrid between a Smartphone with a tablet. In US, Galaxy Note selling price are $299 (contracts, usually two years.

If you are a fan of Android, has Note Galaxy is nothing to lose. Although it might be a bit troublesome for those who have small hands, but this is great phablet accompanied by a specific application is made by Samsung for the Galaxy Note.

2. HTC One X / S
HTC One X / S

HTC Smartphone fight back, after some time suffered defeat in the competition, both with fellow Android vendor (Samsung) and the Apple Inc iPhone. HTC Android is a premium brand. Almost all products have a price premium and HTC did not produce an entry level Smartphone.

HTC recently launched HTC and One X One S. Both smart phones have a slightly different spesifications to give a different price. HTC X One who has a 4.7 inch screen, Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3 for the international market and the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon (U.S. / Canada). One good HTC X has been released on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

Some say that the HTC One X is not a Smartphone, but Super phone because the specifications. U.S. market HTC X One is sold at a price of 199 dollars (AT & T contract). In Indonesia it costs more than Rp6.000.000 (approximate). On price HTC has always been a premium for quality is also very good.

HTC One S has a slightly different specification with X. One Smaller screen, which is 4.3-inch, 1.5GHz dual core processor, 8-megapixel rear camera and front VGA, Audio Beats and Ice Cream Sandwich. Different specifications of course the price is also different. In the United States the price of HTC One S was 189 dollars (contracts), while in Indonesia may be around 3.7 million (estimate).

3. Samsung Galaxy S 2 (S II)
Samsung Galaxy S 2 (S II)

Galaxy S II is Samsung's flagship Smartphone to compete with the iPhone. The form was similar to the iPhone. Varian has sold over 20 million units. Galaxy S variant is also pretty much like Vibrant (T-Mobile), Captivate (AT & T), Fascinate (Verizon Wireless), and Epic (Sprint), both 3G and 4G. Until now the Galaxy series Smartphone Samsung S II is the most successful and is now waiting for the sequel, the Galaxy S III is likely to be launched in London on May 3, 2012.

In Indonesia alone, when I came into the store price is still pretty expensive Samsung Rp5.500.000. But for the price it was good enough for a Smartphone with 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1.2 GHz dual core processor, with Android gingerbread that can be upgraded to the Ice Cream Sandwich. Obviously the sale of Galaxy S II is more than 20 million units is evidence that the Smartphone is still the most successful Android Smartphone market acceptable.

4. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus is the first Android Smartphone launched armed with the latest Android series, Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS. Galaxy Nexus is the official Google Smartphone in collaboration with Samsung. Wide-screen 4.6-inch AMOLED Suoer, form a slightly curved screen, 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 5 megapixel camera 1.3 megapixel camera on the back and front. The camera is equipped with zero shutter lag. In the U.S. the price of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a contract for 199 dollars and 399 dollars unlocked. If you are in the U.S. you can buy it through Google Play, unlocked. It could be because it has some time on the market, price will be cheaper, maybe around 6 million to 6.350 million dollars.

From the list above which one you most like? In many forums and reviews that I follow each brand has its advantages. The important thing is to adjust your lifestyle everyday. Hike your stylist and was very fond of music, HTC is an excellent choice. But if you want to experience Google's official Smartphone choice Galaxy Nexus. Prefer a wider screen, although somewhat troublesome when grasping? Note Galaxy excellent choice. Well if you want Galaxy S II, should be postponed because the Galaxy S III was launched shortly.

Samsung SGH-T699 Leaked, ICS Android Smartphone with QWERTY Keyboard Slide

Samsung SGH-T699 

Samsung SGH-T699
Samsung SGH-T699   

A Smartphone from Samsung is believed to be the Samsung SGH-T699 recently leaked on the internet. Smartphone which will most likely run Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich comes with carrying a physical QWERTY sliding keypad.

The information obtained is not only an image only, TmoNews reported that the Samsung SGH-T699 will be equipped with 720p resolution touch screen, 5MP camera on the back and front camera of unknown resolution.

Smartphone from Samsung will also come with LED lights for notifications. Samsung SGH-T699 is likely to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip, simply do not know exactly whether the chip S3 or S4.

Samsung SGH-T699
Samsung SGH-T699 Certificate

Not yet known when this Smartphone will be released, including the estimated price and in what countries are these smart phones will be available.

List of Android tablet 4.0 ICS

Android tablet 4.0 ICS

Android tablet 4.0 ICS

Below are some of the Tablet Android 4.0 ICS that can be purchased for under $ 300:

1. Coby MID7042
Coby MID7042

An Android tablet from Coby ICS which has a size of 7 inches with 800 x 480 pixels at a price of $ 179. The tablet has a 4GB memory, 1MP front camera, USB port, and mini HDMI port.

2. Argos Skypad
Argos Skypad

An Android tablet by ICs from Skypad which has a size of 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixels, equipped with 1.2 GHz single core processor and comes with 8 GB of memory. It costs only $ 199.

3. Gadmei T863-3D

Gadmei T863-3D is an Android tablet ICS with 8-inch multitouch display size and resolution of 1280 × 768 pixels. Price Gadmei T863-3D only $ 199.

4. Ainovo Novo 7 Paladin
Ainovo Novo 7 Paladin

An ICS of Ainol Android Tablet has a capacitive touch screen 7-inch WVGA resolution, this tablet has also been equipped with a 1GHz MIPS processor single-core from MIPS Technologies and GC860 Vivante GPU 444MHz and 512MB RAM. The price offered is $ 79.

5. Ramos W6HD
Ramos W6HD
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A 7-inch tablet with Amlogic 8726M3 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 single core processor, 1024 x 600 pixel capacitive multitouch screen. Price is only $ 90.

6. Asus Eee Memo Pad
Asus Eee Memo Pad

An ICS 7-inch Android tablet which will be equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core, costs just $ 249.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Ice Cream Sandwich Successor Will Roll 2nd Quarter 2012?

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean 

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean
Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich currently has only one percent of the market share of Android, but Google does not seem to slow the launch of the newest version of Android where the latest rumor to inform you that the next release of Android - 5.0 Jelly Bean - will be done in the second quarter of this year.

According to information which is often unreliable DigiTimes, citing information from Taiwan makers supply,  Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will bring further optimization for larger screen devices - the tablet and netbook computers.

One of the key features of the upcoming release of Android is the ability to dual-boot Chrome OS. Cloud-based platform is still struggling to make an impact and Google obviously planning to use Android are very popular to change it.

Dual-boot Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will also make it easier Jelly Bean entered the market from computer makers. Given the popularity of Asus Transformer Prime, we think there is a niche for ultra-portable computer with a battery that can last a very long and good performance, although they do not run regular desktop OS like Windows or Linux.

Possible launch of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean can occur on June 27, the day when the recent Google I / O start.

Android Market Already Saturated From

Android Market  

Android Market
Android Market 

Android does not discuss the ending, there is only interesting for review and debate. Google is making the right decision by bringing up Android market, but I see that this device will soon be entering the saturation point.

Android itself can develop because Android is based on OpenSource, this allows device makers and application developers can develop Android. And this is proved, even booming Android devices in the world's number one.

But the delays Google Android monitors instead make Android market a big too fast and uncontrolled. Google yourself to realize that Android is segmented, and is a major blow to Google's Android at Amazon released the Kindle version of the Amazon in the Fire. Amazon eliminates all frills and replaces it with Google and Amazon. It definitely has strayed far from the Google-Android will dominate.

When we look at the Android version that is widely used today is Gingerbread Android Froyo 2.2 and 2.3. Whereas ICS version 4.0 has been that, but there are not many devices that are outstanding. Hope is the beginning of the Android community can develop the tools that already exist. As happened on Linux. But Android is not Linux, although Linux kernel-based Android.

Android Market
Android Users chart by May 1, 2012 - source Wikipedia

The problem is, Google Android license to Apache 2 license, this allows Android apps do not have to be Open Source is required to distribute the source code as it does on Linux. Party device makers also are not necessarily obliged to open their version of the android source code. Only a few device makers that open source code to the community some of their devices (e.g. Samsung, but not all devices open). This is where the difficulty of developing the Android market to higher version.

My own experience congestion with Huawei S7 Slim tablet that I use. In hardware, the device allows me to upgrade to the ICS 4.0. But alas, the Huawei does not want to open their source code to android community. I had to settle for using Froyo version 2.2.

Unless Google forcing device makers to release their source code to the community, the device makers will continue to release new devices and do not feel obliged to develop the existing device to Android version is higher. But even this is not done Google. As consumers, we are forced to buy new devices if you want to upgrade the system. Whereas most Android users are early users of smart phones, they also know that different versions of Android 2.2 / 2.3 to 4.0 are not significant for the consumer.

This is the Android market saturation point, so consumers will not buy a new device every time Google released a new version of Android, especially with the new version to see Android appear each year. Party application developers are also experiencing difficulties due to the large version and Android devices circulation.

Obviously the absence of standardization of devices, Android will gradually step up to its own destruction. Except for Google to step in and push the device makers to standardize the device.

Standardization should be using the hardware limitation, certification, system upgrades and agreements with the manufacturer of the device. Later, the consumer can be encouraged to buy a device that has a "Google-Certified-Hardware". That way, gradually Android market will definitely be better controlled, since consumers will not choose the devices that are not "-Google-Certified Hardware".

Segmentation in the Google backed Android to hit, hit forward. Impose a "Google-Certified-Hardware" will slow the development of Android, but let the Android market "craze" as it is now also going to turn it off slowly. Moreover, Android could be considered not very profitable for Google (kimi raiko analysis).

Android development pattern similar to the development of Ubuntu Linux, the more slowly cannot be installed on older devices. But the difference in Linux, because its source code is open all the, other application developers can develop a branch from the version that will be preserved, so no need to upgrade to higher version. If this makes it possible for Android, version 2.2 and 2.3 should still be developed.

Android is a great and impressive, but if Google cannot cope with the buildup of Gingerbread Android Froyo 2.2 and 2.3, consumers eventually would be turned into another OS.

Beware! Android Apps Secretly Copy and on upload your photos!

Android Apps - Photos

Several months ago, the New York Times reported that there is a problem in IOS that allows third-party applications can access your photos if you give us permission to access your location. That finding, published experts in the NYT, and it looks like Apple is working to fix it. However, at this time is that there is a rediscovery of the New York Times where the Android is also possible to access private photos on your Smartphone, where third-party developers also have access to the photo of the user without explicitly asking permission to the user (User).

Today, the NYT back with the news that Android apps can access all your photos without receiving permission directly, but the situation is very different from the IOS. The difference is, Apple considers it as something beyond their control and is likely to take action against rogue applications that steal access to the photo library, opposite the Android OS. Access to library photo is not a security hole but it is a capability for the Android OS can do it and that's how the Android. That is, you Android users are in a position not safe if you have photos you want to keep secret in a hidden place in your Android phone.

The situation is worse because every application on the Android platform has the right to connect to the Internet, can access your photos and instantly uploaded to the server without notice or consent requirement of the User. It is unclear whether there are applications available for Android devices actually do this. However, the experts say is that an application can read the images without having to obtain special permission so reported by New York Times, and I quote from

In the New York Times reports that Android developers test applications collect timer. When the application starts and the timer was set, go to your photo library app, take new pictures and can post a photo sharing site.

After this discovery occurred, has responded to Google that reported by The Verge:

We originally designed the system image file on Android is similar to other computing platforms such as Windows and Mac OS. At that time the image is stored on the SD Card making it easier for users to remove the SD card from your phone and move the photos to a computer.
When cell phones and tablet has now evolved and rely on built-in memory that cannot be removed / installed, we then add permission before an application can access the photos. We have a policy to block any application on the Android Market that has evidence of illegal access to user data.

And other response, Google insists that it's a problem, and look into the situation and will probably fix it.

Sourcea at New York TimesBgr.comThe dan Lainnya.

Facebook for Android Vs Facebook by Browser



You play a lot of facebook? (For some reason facebook flipping activities are categorized as "play". So her social networking or just make friends is to play it?) For fans of Facebook, has become imperative wherever located (and whenever) to always update status, is no exception via mobile phones.

Well, for convenience, it also offers the facebook applications facebook for some kind of gadget besides the computer. One of them (which I will discuss) is the "Facebook for Android", an application that can be obtained free of charge via the Play-Store. For users of Android smart phones are certainly familiar with this application. Sure 100%. 

Based on my experience, look at the typographical arrangement facebook application and in the browser is not much different. Glimpse of the same. Only when both are running, we can only know the difference. 

However, without realizing it was a free application that works much slower than if we open the facebook via their browser android. I've tried it several times. The result? I would enjoy open facebook through the browser rather than through a free application.

In addition, the most striking difference between them was no notification on the display. In the Facebook application for Android, when we clicked on the notification that there is the home page then we will be taken on a new page that contains the notification lists. Of course, it requires a rather long loading process. Just want to see notifications though important-not important-only, right?

If the same thing (notification) is performed when opening the facebook in default android browser, then click, and a list of notification will be made up floating down. And this one does not need to divert the process of loading a new page. It was only when we click on one row of such notification, at that moment we will be transferred to the next page.

I also prefer to open a facebook via the android browser because I can freely download photos or images as much. Very different from the facebook app, my trouble (not even) to download the photos that I want. Though it looks the same.

Regardless, Facebook for Android also be an alternative for you who like to "mark" his friend in any comments or status. Several times tried, I could not do the "tag" if opening facebook friend's name through the android browser. Yes, maybe it's become its own advantages as well. But, somehow, to this day I prefer to open the android facebook through the browser. If you want more easily again, make any bookmarking in the browser so that we no longer need to bother typing in the URL address in the column. Be our open facebook in browser is tantamount to opening a direct application, a single click.

In general, the differences between them are:

Facebook for Android: 

- Can be "marking" of friends in every comment.

- Can be paired with other applications, such as Facebook Messenger. In addition, it also integrates with other Android applications, so any "sharing / sharing" is done in the application being run, and then Facebook became one of the options. Share to facebook wall.

- Display status can be set to appear on the Home android-phone through the "add widget".


- Accessible is so slow. - Check the notification takes more time and more internet access.

- Unable to download photos directly.

Facebook on Browser: 

- Access is much faster.

- Can be used to download images directly.

- Checking the notification is quite simple without leaving the page.


- Must be opened through the browser and cannot be paired with other applications.

- Unable to "mark" a friend.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram Android Could for Landscape Photography

Instagram Android 

By using application editing and sharing photos Instagram, Android just immerse in android cell phone, I started to take action in the best shape ever photos of beautiful natural panorama that morning. This is for the first time I used android for instagram photo session.

It was said that "less than 24 hours after its release on Tuesday (3/4/2012), Instagram downloaded over 1 million times on Google's online application store Play" news from "Android Users will join the 30 million users of iOS users Instagram (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that has produced 5 million images per day," he continued. For me, this news is too sensational. Why? Because the user should first prove its efficacy in generating Instagram photos were good.

Because the urge to prove efficacy Instagram Android that, then I'd like to give it a try for a "test drive" applications that I have installed on my Galaxy Mini. Now it's time to act.

How was the process? From the touch screen of my open applications.Visible display with five feature ready photographing panel below the photo frame that will automatically display the image loading earlier. No need to wait for the completion of loading, I touch the middle panel photo pictorial. Then came to two options, pick a source of "camera" or "photo gallery".

I select the "camera" because I will be photographing the natural landscape in front of me. Object I have photos then I touch the viewfinder image camera and do not shake wherever possible. After my portraits, on screen appear 2 options "Save" or "waste". After push the Save button and then crop the box appears on the squares screen with four buttons on each point its stripes. Its function is to big small images with cropping how to zoom-in or zoom-out. If cropping is too close, and the results can blur less well.

After editing a photo, then there is two closed IE Discard or Accept. If you select the Discard means that the picture is saved in memory at any time can be opened for edit. If you select Accept, besides saving users can edit photo also with 18 filters provided. For Landscape I like select filters, Normal, Hudson, X-Pro, Lo-Fi, Sutro and Nashville. To make an old impression can use filter Earlybird, Toaster, 1977 or Kelvin. This is not just a filter I use in my photo editing Landscape because the result less unsightly.

When you are finished editing the filter, then closed in 2008 I'm trying to upload and share to facebook. I have not tried to share my photos to Twitter or Foursquare. See the photos I uploaded to facebook, in my heart, good results were also commented on. Landscape with the blue of the sky looks beautiful all. Inside, the application may also be used for images spectacle instagram.

That's the way the first one. The second way is after take a picture on object that we select, just select directly to touch "discard" to save the photo and so on. In my room, I used to edit my photos, new with the help of Wi-Fi, I uploaded to social networking. So it's not directly in the edit after photographing objects, because I want to edit in accordance with my tastes.

That was my first experience using instagram app on the Galaxy Mini me. How do you feel after seeing the results of Landscape photographs Android? instagram version or DSLR Camera Pocket Obviously, at this time I have a new tool and a new tool that I would use again for photographing objects which I loved.

Best Android Audio Manager Application you: AudioManager

Audio Manager

Audio Manager is the best audio manager application for android gadget has been downloaded more than 2 million times since its launch. This application is able to adjust the audio volume level on Android gadgets to your liking. The entire audio functions like volume in your gadget ringtone, alarm tone for incoming messages, reminder notifications, etc. can be controlled easily with the help of this application.
Audio Manager

Besides the audio settings are being used will be featured on this widget on the home-screen, so you do not have to open and go in to just see the mode in use. Also to change/reset the audio, you can do directly from the home-screen widgets, easy is not it?

Features contained in this audio control applications including:
1.       More than 100 skins available widgets that can be used.
2.       Available in 2 sizes to choose from widget
3.       Create, save and edit audio profiles (preset)
4.       Creating a shortcut audio profiles
5.       Rename, edit, and delete audio profiles
6.       Available in ten languages
7.       Create and publish your own skin with Skin Development Kit.
Audio Manager

Free application developer made ​​Smart Android Apps, LLC. These include "Best Android Apps", a book by O'Reilly with the same title, the category of Best Audio Manager App in Android. Has an average rating 4:50 / 5:00 of about 24 thousand people who judge, in addition to satisfying these free applications are also very functional.

Antivirus Applications for Android: Lookout

Antivirus For Android

You have the latest gadget with the latest hardware and a myriad of paid applications that qualified? All is meaningless if you are not equipped with the Android system is robust and reliable security. Without good security, all data and even your gadget can be damaged or lost in an instant. Antivirus for Android gadgets to become absolute things.
Antivirus for Android

Lookout is one of the best antivirus for android applications that exist today. Application made ​​by Lookout Mobile Security is an integrated security system that includes; anti-virus, anti-theft and back-up data are highly reliable and has been used by more than 15 million people around the world.

Lookout Security application reliability has been recognized by many parties. This is evident from the various awards he earned as, PCMag "Editor's Choice, CNET's" Must-Have App! ", PCWorld 5 rating, and Top 10 Applications Android version of TechCrunch.

Some features of the Lookout include:
1. Antivirus is able to block malware, spyware and Trojans.
2. Scan (scan) and ensure the health of each application before you download.
3. Schedule an automatic scan.
4. Monitoring of new files in your SD Card.
5. Find a location with Google Map gadget if lost or stolen.
6. Find a location with enough gadgets to login.
7. Back up all your contacts to the site
8. being able to restore contact data into your gadget again.
Antivirus for Android

Antivirus for android, Lookout application is available in two versions, namely the free version and paid version. The difference is for the Pro version (free) there are some additional security features, such as Safe Browsing, Remote Lock and Wipe, Privacy Advisor and Advanced Backup. Meanwhile, for the free version, all four of these features are not available. But if you want to feel the Pro version, Lookout also provides Trial.

Google's Android Sold?

google android
Andy Rubin, Google's Vice President of Engineering with a background of green robots, Android

Google Android

It might be, Google decided to sell their Smartphone platform, Android. Android is now leading the world's Smartphone operating system market, Google is a phenomenal product. Phenomenal not only beat a lot of operating systems that have previously existed, but also gives a lot of problems for Google itself. What about the problems created by Android, so maybe one time Google sells the operating system to interested parties? In testimony at the trial of cases Oracle lawsuit against Google Android operating system is concerned, the CEO of Google, Larry Page said that Android is important for Google, but not critical. This means that Google itself acknowledges, though Android is a phenomenal product, but not critical for Google as a whole. 

Although it may claim only a short answer at the hearing, Android Indeed not the least negative impact for Google. An article in Data Motion reveals the dark side of Google Android. So to speak, all the facts are parsed in the article is true and will probably be a good reason for Google to sell Android. 

First, Android is very good for consumers, but not good for Google as a whole. Can you imagine, if there is no Android, Apple Inc. might IOS. Will dominate the Smartphone market. With monopoly power, will never be found cheaply-style Smartphone with Android. This means that Android provides an option for consumers so that they acquire smart phones and tablets at competitive prices. The option is almost as good as the IOS that is only owned by Apple Inc.. Not only for consumers, but also for vendors and carriers such as Verizon in the United States strongly supports the sale of air-OS Android handset. We can look at the data revenue Smartphone vendor, Samsung and Apple Inc is a party to earn the most revenue. 

The third position is occupied by HTC. Samsung and HTC Android is a vendor who clearly profited greatly by the existence of Android. Samsung could even become the largest Smartphone vendor in the world thanks to Android. Meanwhile, what is acquired by Google? I think the advertising revenue earned by Google from Android handset is very small when compared with their main income from their advertising on the desktop machine. 

The second patent lawsuit. Google, directly or indirectly involved with patent lawsuits, especially from Microsoft and Apple Inc... As is known, in his biography, said Steve Jobs will make thermonuclear war against Android. Although the actual patent war between Google and Apple Inc. is still indirect, no doubt being targeted by Apple Inc. and Microsoft is Google. Parties are lucky so far is Microsoft because they cite very many of the vendors Android royalties allegedly using Microsoft's patent is not valid. The amount of royalties received even more than Microsoft is supposedly based handset sales of Microsoft Windows Phone. There's even a joke, should Microsoft allow Android continues to grow so that they continue to earn royalties and kill their own Windows Phone so that the competition is really between Google and Apple Inc. As we know, actually Apple Inc. is an old enemy Microsoft. By allowing Android victorious, indirectly Microsoft against Apple Inc. Not only that, Google is now in session for alleged infringement of patents owned by Sun that has been acquired by Oracle. Although the last bit of favorable situations Google, but the presence of important people in the court of Google in at least a negative effect for the image of Google. 

Third, related to a patent lawsuit against many vendors Android derived from Apple Inc. as well as Microsoft, Google be forced to buy Motorola Mobility. The process is currently awaiting Chinese government approval after the United States and Europe approved the acquisition. Money spent on Google to acquire Motorola Mobility very much, 12.5 billion dollars. The figure for this is the highest figure ever issued by Google to acquire a company. Motorola bought obvious purpose to protect the vendor from attack Android and Apple Inc. Microsoft patents. In addition, Motorola alone had no desire to take royalties from other Android vendor. This of course can ruin a deal so that Google's Open Handset Alliance to rush to buy Motorola Mobility. But this is not always on the right track. Motorola Mobility although many have a patent (17 thousand patents and nearly 7 thousand patent pending) but are in the category of essential patents that should be distributed is the fair and reasonable price. It becomes its own obstacle for Motorola to counterattack against Apple Inc. and Microsoft. 

Fourth, the Android platform is fragmented. Android operating system is split into many series like cupcake, donut, ├ęclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, and the last Ice Cream Sandwich. Moreover, later rumored to be around October 2012 appearing Jelly Bean. This is its own difficulties for developers and vendors to create a handset that can be accepted by the market. 

Fifth, damaging a good relationship with Apple Inc. Before Google launched Android, Google's many products are used by Apple Inc. One favorite is the product maps and the Google search engine. Once Google launched Android, the relationship the two companies deteriorated. Although in an interview Larry Page had doubts about Steve Jobs on Android anger, but the biographer Steve Jobs said what Jobs said that he was very angry with the Android is the truth. Bad relationship also underlies Apple Inc. to seek new alternative maps or create your own maps. This is a loss for Google because Google's revenue from users of Apple Inc's IOS. Greater when compared with the revenues derived from Android. 

Sixth, Android stripped by Amazon. Amazon Kindle Fire with his tablet now under the Apple iPad in terms of sales volume. Kindle Android-based Tablet of course, but Android is already stripped down the Amazon by removing the Google products such as search, maps and much more. As a result, Google cannot get anything from the user's Kindle Fire. Seeing this, of course Google is impaired by the presence of a stripped down Android is. 

From some reason, it deserves to sell Google Android. But the question is, does Google want to sell Android? From the observations, as far as is known, Google is obsessed with something that big though it does produce. A concrete example is the project Driverless Car is just spending money Google. Google Android is a great product. With Google Android Smartphone to be credited with making the market competitive. 

The reason is probably more fun than a reason for Google's revenue from Android. For this reason Google will continue to maintain Android, though will only give very little income and few problems for Google. Google's view, although Android pose has many problems, but this product is very worthy to be preserved.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Android is not Comfortable for Sending Email

Android Comfort

I sometimes smile myself when reading the comments at a news portal, especially news about the Smartphone android, iphone or blackberry. Supporting each other blasphemy among the three types of smart phones are sometimes thrown a stupid sentence and knowledgeably.
blackberryI was one of the users Smartphone above the android, but do not hate others. One reason I write this blog is no one comment from one of the blackberry users are very proud that BlackBerry has a sophisticated push email. Proudly and with a little insulting to ask whether the android like BlackBerry is able to send email attachments like the Blackberry? For business email Android not fun. Is this true? I hope my opinion is useful.
I wish I could chat with this person then I ask a question for the first time, what his email? If email is not like this: then I guesses it's not true push email push email but just pretend. And therefore I will laugh... Or address the possibility of real push company email address but the company must subscribe RIM.
The reason I say it (not a real push email) because if you use Gmail, yahoo or other email is likely to occur:
1. Blackberry server periodically checking email to the server, and then if there is an email will downloaded first and then sent to the blackberry handset (push email). Different if the email is sent to the email address push directly on the spot to the handset by Blackberry server for email service provider is the blackberry itself. 
2. Generally applicable at this time that I read it on our handsets email client (email reader software) that performs synchronization to the server yahoo, Gmail or others. So in my opinion it is no longer pull push email but have active email because we are the handset (I call this automatic email, in general called fake push email).
Currently I use Gmail for android by android for a few months ago there was improvement in Gmail for android push email facility that is coupled although I suspect even this is not real push email because it still relies on Google.

I do not use the email client on android because it is my primary email in Gmail even uses your own domain. I also use the filter feature to Label and keep my Gmail inbox to remain "clean" from the email - which email notifications are less important kind of facebook. So I do not wear anything I choose active notification on face book but make the label (folder) for facebook.

In Gmail for android can also add attachment. I had sent AutoCAD drawing file (. Dwg) and pdf via mini Samsung. Can be delivered smoothly (note use of data packets rather inhuman speed or select mobile operators give a good internet speed).
So it's still salivating with real push email technology? After all, the semi push emails that many people use today are almost in real time. And most importantly I like to use push email as free (as I still have to pay for data services but at least he ties free for driving electronic mail service to my handset)