Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Android Phone Made From Bamboo Is Ready To Launch

Android Phone Bamboo 

Android Phone Bamboo

Android Phone Bamboo 

Android phone made from Bamboo Ready Produced-Kieron-Scott Woodhouse aged 23 years designing this Smartphone at your leisure after he was frustrated due to lack of variation in the smart phone market. Smartphone’s called ADzero is made of bamboo, which was four years old, which is maintained because strong endurance.

ADzero weight is estimated to be only half the weight of an Apple iPhone up and running with the Android operating system. Features a camera "ring flash" with a circular-shaped flash around the lens of the camera to ensure a stable illumination and minimize shadows. Ring flash is not available on other mobile devices. 

Android Phone Bamboo Selection

Selection of bamboo as the mobile phone casing because it was originally aimed at the China market, and want to use strong materials Woodhouse could be produced locally. This Smartphone also only made of one type of material.

After receiving a good impression at London Design Week 2011, Woodhouse decided to post the design of smartphone online and he was contacted by Adzero, who want to embody the idea for real.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Google Reveals Source Code of Jelly Bean

Google Nexus 7 Cost

Google Nexus 7 Cost

Costs required by Google and Asus to build a Google Nexus 7 tablet were not too expensive. iSuppli recently uncovered a tablet Nexus 7 8 GB said that it cost estimated at $151.75.

Previously, there were others who also do demolition on Google's Android software is. TechInsights is a do it before iSuppli. However, figures released by TechInsights larger than iSuppli forecast, which is $184.

As is known, at the time of its launch, Google said that Google Nexus 7 tablet will be available at a price of $ 199 USD. Regardless of which party is correct estimates, Google will not gain a large profit from sales of Google Nexus 7 8GB. But it is different to Google Nexus 7 16 GB which sells for $ 249 USD. iSuppli estimates that the cost required to build a tablet of 16 GB is $ 159.25 USD.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Google Reveals Source Code of Jelly Bean

Google Android Jelly Bean 

Google Android Jelly Bean
Google Android Jelly Bean 
San Francisco-Android is indeed known fast development. Android 2.5 or Jelly Bean has just appeared and began to be used in the device, now Google is already preparing an update system operations.

Reported by eWeek, Thursday (12/7/2012), Google has released the source code to a Jelly Bean developers and the open source community, so that they can start execution of the application and its development.

Jean-Baptiste Queru, Technical Lead of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on Google announced the availability of the source code this week, Android blog postings through Building a Google Group.

We released the Android 2.1 AOSP in today. We recommend you create a new client, even if you work in the master branch. This will make Your client a smaller and faster bersinkronisasi. Proprietary binary available for Nexus Nexus 7 and Galaxy. Nexus S and Xoom will follow, she wrote.

' Sweetness ' Jelly Bean have started can be seen this week. Google began releasing the availability of Jelly Bean with HSPA + as a Galaxy Nexus device first to upgrade. As for the Galaxy S Nexus, Nexus, Motorola Xoom and Nexus 7 is the next tool immediately after tasting this Android series 4.1.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Android Smartphones Dominate sales in the U.S & Europe

Android Sales

Mobile phones with Android operating systems more and more dominant. The latest Data shows, OS having green robot that is more widely used by residents of the United States and continental Europe.

Android market share in some key markets like the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Australia 50% translucent. It is revealed in research sales smartphone during the 12 last week by research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech.

In all the countries mentioned above, is the most popular Android OS. The lowest penetration in Italy with 49.6% and the highest in Spain with percentage 84,1%.

We're seeing sales growth fueled by consumer Android switch feature phone to a smartphone. Android is currently the easiest platform to upgrade, where users stated price first smartphone and multimedia capabilities as the main reason for choosing Android devices, Dominic Sunnebo said, Director of Comtech. 

Reported by Cnet, Friday (13/7/2012), data shows that people with Comtech limited budget tended to choose an Android provides a selection of cheap mobile phones. For example, affordable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Ace or Y series has good sale.

In the United States, Android to grab market share 50.2%. But it needs to be underlined that these figures decreased 6.8% from a year ago. The cause is the pressure from the iPhone 4S.

In the land of Uncle Sam, the iPhone's market share increased by the presence of iPhone 4S is available on more carriers. The share of the iPhone in the U.S. when paar was 37,4%, an increase of 8.7% from a year ago.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Boeing Launch Android-Based Entertainment System in the Boeing Dreamliner Jet

boeing launch android

Leading aircraft companies, Boeing, recently introduced the Android-based entertainment system for Boeing's Dreamliner jet belonged to them. Entertainment system, has already been heralded by Boeing since the end of 2011 and then, but could only be realized this month.

Boeing offers two different models for the entertainment system 787, but they still rely on the Android OS. Both models are Panasonic and Thales TopSeries Avant EX3.

Thales TopSeries entertainment Avant models equipped with a dual core ARM processor, 1GB RAM, 256 GB of memory and are available in sizes 10 inches and 17 inches. Unfortunately not known which version of Android that used in Thales TopSeries Avant, due customized interface. But if you look at the time of production, most likely the device is running Android 2.3 or 3.0. 

Unfortunately, the availability of Android-based entertainment system is not as wide as Avant. Android-based entertainment system that was introduced by Boeing is the Android device that complements Avant 3.8 inches, with just a capability that can be done by Android phones.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Google: Microsoft & Nokia Want Skyrocketed Price of Android

android price

Google accuses Microsoft and Nokia collude use patents to attack Android. In the end, any Android handset prices likely to rise if it must pay the patent in question.

Internet giant's anti-competition complaint registers at Microsoft and Nokia to regulators in Europe. Similar complaints also planned to be submitted to regulators in the United States.

Google's anxiety began when the company bought Canadian Mossaid Technologies Nokia 2000 patent of September 2011. Mossaid who make money from this patent license agreement will share the results with Nokia and Microsoft if the patent is to use the other party.

Well, Google Android worry Mossaid will sue if using the patent in question. While Microsoft had been since the first Android sue and agree on a patent license to some vendors.

Nokia and Microsoft colluded to raise the cost of mobile devices to consumers," Google's complaints as reported by The Australian and quoted on Friday (06/01/2012).

Google may be worrying about other things. If Android continually contested, it is not possible to choose the vendor platforms such as Windows Phone.

Nokia and Microsoft itself is working closely. Nokia currently choose Windows Phone as the primary operating system on the smart phone. There has been no response from Nokia and Google are Microsoft-related complaints.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

BotNet Android is Used to Send Spam

Botnet Android 

Botnet Android

A Microsoft technician found that Android devices-devices have been used to send spam or junk mail. Botnet identification international associated operating system and Google it is displayed by a technician named Terry Zink in his MSDN blog.

Android Malware indeed central surged. A lot of Android application that utilized a mock to scoop up money by sending an SMS message.

But in this case, the money collected after the spam email sent from Yahoo! Mail server on any Android. In his writing, Terry Zink describes how he analyzes examples of spam that contained the signature "Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android".

Zinck exposing hackers have developed a botnet that can access your Yahoo! Mail account in Android and send spam as a result.

SlashGear says, that the Yahoo! has provided the IP address from which the email comes, where our country's entry in this list. In addition to Indonesia, other countries include Chile, Lebanon, Oman, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Microsoft engineers also believe that users tend to try to download a copy of this application to avoid payment. It is possible; the user is deceived by a false version Download Yahoo! Mail application which led to the incident above.

Therefore it is recommended that users install only applications from Google, at least until the user Play absolutely certain software that will be installed are trusted

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Windows 7

windows 7

Want android tablet with its head but insufficient funds? You do not need to be discouraged, if there is a home PC or laptop devices, changing the display sense Android becomes an alternative to treat our desires. Change the look of your computer is fairly easy to do, we stay looking Skin Pack nuanced Android and install it. So we like to have Android tablet. 

Well this time, will give you a tutorial how to change the appearance of Windows 7 be like android. The following steps should be taken to change the appearance of Windows 7 be like android.

1. Before you install this Android theme, you should utilize system restore because once this theme is enabled, it will be difficult to be returned to its original appearance.

Make sure that the full system backup has been active so that system restore points can run. Then disable User Account Control

2. Next, search and download Android Skin Pack which we will Install, or can visit this site. This site as a reference for selecting different views of Android. Starting from Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Android 2.1 Android Honeycomb to Ice Cream Sandwiches. 4.0 After downloading the skin pack, just go ahead and install Android installing Skins Pack like application/software.

3. After the installation is complete, restart the skins pack PC/laptop you, and feel the new look changes that smelled of Android has been completed. To note, by installing Android Skin Pack is not that your computer can run android applications.


Well, if you want to also run android applications on a windows PC, you need the application to the emulator. An awful lot of emulator application available on the internet, one of them is Blue Stacks. Blue stack itself is still in beta. So when running android applications, yet so running seamlessly.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Sold 380 Units per Minute

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy s3
Samsung Galaxy S3

Sales of televisions and household appliances are indeed declining output due to the crisis of Samsung that hit the Eurozone, their biggest customer. However, it is not the case with the series of sales of their latest Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy.

According to Reuters news agency, Friday 6 July 2012, selling Samsung Galaxy series has sold 50 million units, or 380 units per minute of it. With sales that have reached US $ 5.9 billion during the quarter, the advantages that a company from South Korea is increasing more than 4.4 billion won from the previous year.

Based on a survey of 14 analysts, profits will be achieved by Samsung in the third quarter is estimated at 7.3 billion won to 9.1 billion won, or increased 36 percent from the second quarter.

The golden age of sale mobile phone Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy mainly for series III, is expected to progressively increase before Apple launched the iPhone its newest model. If the iPhone has been launched, the sale of semiconductors increased, thus would have given the Samsung is a manufacturer of single-chip memory, NAND flash, and the screen display for Apple.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Galaxy Chat, Android Qwerty Keyboard Coming Soon

Galaxy Chat 

samsung galaxy chat
samsung galaxy chat

Intended for those who active in the world of social media. Strikes had the latest mobile products as though it will never stop. Recently Samsung officially announced it will soon be releasing his latest series, Samsung Galaxy Chat.

It's an interesting product of Samsung's latest plan would soon be released this July. Samsung Android phone this time will take the concept of a QWERTY keypad, along with a typical touch screen Android.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

iPhone 5 Use Samsung Processor?

iPhone 5 

iphone 5

Various rumors circulating about non-stop not execute specification iPhone 5 or whatever his name later. Latest news, Apple's flagship Smartphone that will use the processor-based Exynos made in Samsung.

Quoted from the Examiner, sat on (7/7/2012), the report is derived from the original media Taiwan, DigiTimes last. According to reports, the latest iPhone related resources will be put on a quad core processor ARM architecture-based Samsung Exynos.

Apple is expected to release a new generation iPhone 5 being made based processor quad core Samsung Exynos 4 in the second half of 2012, so that the heat of competition," according to a report from DigiTimes last.

Smartphone’s today are indeed many wear 4 processors to increase performance of the brain. Call it HTC, LG Optimus One X 4 x HD and Samsung Galaxy S course III.

Other rumors that circulated for example iPhone screen will be larger in size and put a NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Reportedly, the new generation iPhone 5 will be released the end of 2012 it admits.

Nokia Ask Android to Stop Patents Violating

Nokia vs Android
Google has recently accused Microsoft and Nokia conspiring to try to raise prices to exploit the patent Android phone. Nokia has denied the accusation and pointed out that behind the Android basically a problem with patent infringement.

 Google is Microsoft assess allegations as 'desperate tactics'. Meanwhile, Nokia said Google charges the wrong address. Nokia denied colluding with Microsoft to hurt Android.

Both companies (Microsoft & Nokia-red) have its own intellectual property," said Nokia spokesman quoted by the Guardian, Wednesday (06/06/2012). Instead, he in turn accused Android troubled about the patent.

We agree with Google that the Android has issues of intellectual property infringement, and we welcome constructive efforts to stop the unauthorized use of intellectual property owned by Nokia, Nokia added. 

Nokia itself has been sued ViewSonic, one Android device makers. ViewSonic tablet Nokia accused they're wearing his patent without permission.

While Microsoft has long agreed to license some manufacturers such as HTC and Acer Android which uses patented technology. So Microsoft gets a small amount of money from Android phones is sold each.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

After Kindle Fire, Amazon Make iPhone Counter Attack

Kindle Fire

amazon smaller phone

After succeed with eReader Kindle Fire, Amazon is now considering making a Smartphone. Yes, it looks like the giant retailer from the United States (U.S.) was released gadget addiction.

The report quoted by Bloomberg, Friday (07/06/2012), quoted source who declined to be named, says this Smartphone will be made by Foxconn, a leading manufacturer from China who became major component suppliers for Apple.

Indeed, Smartphone specifications are not mentioned in detail. However, these speakers provide an overview, the latest device to be released this Amazon, more or less similar to Kindle Fire 7 inch, but with a smaller screen.

If this information is correct, Amazon will most likely fill a niche of low-cost Smartphone market, as it did with the Kindle Fire. As is known, successful Kindle Fire into tablets at a price more affordable alternative. In the U.S., its popularity shot to compete with iPad.

Well, some analysts have predicted that this would be a cheap version of the Smartphone that will enliven the increasingly competitive market. Looking at the experience of success Kindle Fire, it is not possible this Smartphone will compete with the iPhone and mobile phones 'big fish' such as S3 and HTC Galaxy One X.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Google disable iGoogle


Not the first time Google shut down a number of products. This time, there are 5 more that discontinued product goes by the internet giant. "Technology can create opportunities out to improve people's lives. But to make this, we should focus, if we do not have to end up doing too much and do not have the impact of what we stand for," said Google in his blog.

The products that are discontinued one of them are iGoogle. iGoogle is the home page for the web that can be customized. Released in 2005, the product is a combination of RSS reader and widget platform, quoted from Cnet, Wednesday (04/06/2012).

With the presence of modern applications that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the presence of iGoogle is no longer needed. The user is given 16 months to set and export the data.

Besides iGoogle, still have 4 more to discontinued products where some of these repercussions are not widely heard. What are they?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Windows 8 Promised More Immune From Virus

windows 8
Microsoft has issued a preview release for Windows 8. New operating system that is more interactive and user friendly for all types of devices are also promised would be more secure from viruses.

Microsoft Regional office in Singapore is pleased to explain the leaks about Windows 8 that will be coming soon this year. "I was very excited when asked to explain about the permissibility of this Windows 8. You all would like," says Group Program Manager Microsoft Corp., Anantha Kancherla, who cannot wait to start explaining.

Anantha who was using two devices at once, and ultra book tablet, immediately show what the features available in Windows 8 are. With a view similar to Windows Phone Nokia like this, this latest operating system can be customized as the user desires. Visual display of graphics is quite interesting.

Any existing applications, all directly updated properly when connected to the Internet. Start of mail, calendar, social media, application photos, news feeder and even your favorite football team, all can be arranged in sequence on the front page as you wish.

All applications and files I have on the tablet is also synchronized with the Smartphone, laptop, even my desktop at Redmont (Microsoft's headquarters in the U.S.). All connected via Skydrive, cloud storage media that I can use anytime I want, "he said.

With thousands of applications in all types of devices that Windows 8 is currently used Anantha, what not to worry tucked malicious programs or viruses that slip? No. I do not need to worry. All applications in the Metro (Windows 8) bound 'contract'. So the only application that passes the sensor can operate Apps Manager.

With the 'contract' between one application to another application to work separately, even with the operating system itself. They have limitations that can not affect each other. So for the safety factor could I say a lot safer, he explained. Anantha itself still has not told when the final version of Windows 8 is officially launched. But Julian Chan, IT Director, Microsoft Asia Pacific, provides little guidance. "Indeed there has been no official timetable. But that would still be this year. Usually before the public holiday in the United States," he said.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nokia will use the Android If Windows Phone Failure

Windows Phone 8

windows phone 8
Windows Phone 8
Nokia using Windows OS Phone on Smartphone. After experiencing a slump since last year, Nokia's Symbian OS has left that has accompanied Nokia for over 10 years. Nokia then signed a contract with Microsoft to use Windows Phone Operating system on Nokia smart phone devices. Nokia hopes the cooperation with Microsoft to restore the glory of Nokia as the past.

Similarly, Microsoft is already big enough to spend money to develop a Windows Phone on Nokia. So what if Windows Phone is not successful in the market? Current Windows Phone 8 and Nokia were not able to do much to face the dominance of Apple and Android on the market. Many are predicting Nokia also will adopt the Android OS if the cooperation with Microsoft failed.

Similar statements were expressed by one of the directors of the recent Nokia on Finland TV station. "Nokia is very pleased to team with Microsoft, but we have a backup plan for all Windows Phone OS Android if it fails," said Risto Siilasmaa. The reason why Nokia does not always hold Android is the amount of funds disbursed by Microsoft to Nokia, Nokia is still trying to stay on Windows Phone 8.

Android rivals? Mozilla's' Boot to Gecko or Firefox OS?

android rivals

Android seems to have got his opponent. Perhaps, later on it could be a true rival.
Mozilla quietly (not actually secretly really, just wrote a little less preaching. D) has to make its own OS for smart phones. Its open source and the base on HTML 5. Referred to as Mozilla's 'Boot to Gecko' by its official name is Firefox OS. Firefox OS will be launched in Brazil in late 2012 or early 2013 and the existing mobile phone vendors are willing to "adopt" it is ZTE and TCL are both derived from the land of China, aka Bamboo Curtain. Both will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor.

Mozilla's' Boot to Gecko

Phones that use the software will first be available in Brazil and will be marketed by the Brazilian operator, Telefonica Vivo. Some mobile operators also voiced support for the Firefox OS. There's Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile), Etisalat (which operates in 18 countries including the Middle East, Asia and Africa), Sprint in the U.S. and Telefónica in Spain.

The functions of mobile devices such as Firefox OS phone calls, messages, calendar, and others, based on HTML5. This is called Mozilla will open up opportunities for application developers (developer). Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs told a press conference in Sao Paulo explains, "Openness" of this OS will provide flexibility for the user to operate the phone and set the application in it.
Firefox OS

According to Mozilla, developers can create applications that can view and analyze the history of text messaging or even send messages automatically in certain situations.

It is still too early to be called as his true rival Android, but look at his open nature, can be applied on-Smartphone made by many vendors, this OS will be whether Firefox can be a tough competitor to Android in the future?

Want to see what kind of Smartphone already had Firefox OS? Please see the following video link: Link Video:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twitter Breakup with LinkedIn

Twitter - LinkedIn 

twitter linkedin
twitter - linkedin

United States -Twitter ended their partnership with LinkedIn interlacing. Thus, users of LinkedIn and Twitter can post tweet them in professional social networking page.

Earlier, a joint venture between Twitter and LinkedIn have been intertwined for a little over one and a half years, allows users to publish a tweet to their LinkedIn profile.

Chief Consumer Product Michael Sippey, Twitter Chief in his statement that writing on a blog developer blog mentions, this change is part of measures to present the experience of using Twitter is more mainstream, i.e. a series of tools and products that are consistent.

Twitter has been gradually ' freeze ' partners that display tweets on their website. Its main focus, however, this step in the mobile client, the realm where Twitter boost its bid.

Reported by the Business Insider, Saturday (30/6/2012), users can still post my tweet update them on LinkedIn or vice versa, but content sharing functions can no longer work.

Other sources are quoted from the tech blog Mashable mentions, other reasons Twitter's partnership with LinkedIn which is disconnected because of security issues. LinkedIn valued Twitter isn't enough to protect the users of Twitter. Moreover, some time ago a hacker leaked a LinkedIn conceded more than 6 million passwords.

Twitter also assumes their partnership with LinkedIn is not profitable. It also had a significant impact on the developer who created the application to display the tweet for example. They feel aggrieved because of changes to the rules of Twitter and his pace developed the mobile client.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Change the look of Android phones with Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher EX 
Go Launcher EX
Bored with the standard view of your Android phone? To change the style of your favorite Android phone appearance can be done in a manner that is easy to use Application Launcher. This is the theme of mobile Launcher to be revamped with a wide variety of themes be it from the homescreen, menu display, icon menu to widgets. One launcher theme currently popular today is Go Launcher ex. by installing this application, you can manage all your mobile phone display in accordance with desire, and an awful lot of display themes Go Launcher is provided which is capable of changing the appearance of the Android phones as well as the look of the OS, Honeycomb Ice Cream iPhone OS, as well as display to use Ubuntu Desktop OS and also thousands of theme to Go launcher EX more that you can use in accordance with their wishes.


1. Thousands of themes chosen correspond wishes (Free and paid)

2. A variety of widgets (weather, calendar, etc.)

3. Various display options screen when locked (lock screen)

4. Screen transition animations

5. Folder settings, menu widget is easy to use

6. A variety of other settings options to beautify the look of your mobile phone 


To get themes, widgets and the Screen lock, use Search "goes launcher theme", go and go on that widget locker Play Store. When you install Go Launcher Ex will be available additional menu GO Store in the menu Go Launcher Then to set animated transitions on menu, use "Effects settings ' button on the Go through the Launcher.
Icon is too small? Use the menu "Icon Size" in the option ' Preferences-> Visual Settings-> Icons ' to make the icon bigger.

Go Launcher EX

Press the icon app is a bit long to get into the editing menu and home screen app drawer
Glider up to open and go to menu and glider see notification
A wide array of interesting widgets provided as well that can be used:

-Facebook and Twitter – Notification Status and various other posts
-Contact – a collection of contacts in Homescreen
-Note-To Do List
-Calendar-Appointment Reminder
-Task Manager
-Clock, Weather, Notes, Email, Switch
-Go text

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Android Applications Integrated To Muslims: Muslims Pro

Android Applications Integrated To Muslims Pro
Android Applications Integrated To Muslims Pro 

For those of you Muslims, prayer and worship, and time are something that is mandatory and has been determined. This is true in General and without exception. If you are the one "field" which often are on the road at the time of Muslim prayers, the application Pro it will be required that there should be an application in Android gadgets.

Not only provides audio and visual notification of Athan time prayer times have arrived, this application also automatically calculate accurately prayer times and Qibla direction setting based on your location. This application is very helpful for every Muslim can perform worship to pray on time wherever located.

Android Applications

In addition, the application also comes with other features that are not less functional, such as:

Audio (reciter), tr. (spelling) and translation (translations of) the Bible Al Quran in five languages, namely the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Indonesia and Turkey.
Shaped compass moving animation that shows Qibla direction
Hijr Calendar
Ramadhan fasting month which highlights in particular.
The Widget contains Hijr date and prayer time.

Android Applications

Muslim Pro get assessment was satisfactory, i.e. an average of 4.6/5.0 from about 9 thousand users who review. Free application of artificial Bitsmedia PTE Ltd. has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times since it was first launched. The free application is an application integrated Pro Muslims for Muslims, which provides a wide range of full-featured related daily worship as Muslims.

Download application from Google Pro Muslim PlayStore HERE

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Towards the 'Internet Doomsday ' on July 9, 2012

Doomsday Internet on July 9, 2012


The day of resurrection according to the Maya Calendar falls on December 21, 2012. But in the virtual world more, namely in the internet, Apocalypse predicted would happen faster, 9 July 2012.

Before the resurrection really happened, internet users began to take action and prevention in order to perform their home survived the Ark. What's the story? It is said that, in November 2011, the FBI through the cold operation named ' Operation Ghost ' successfully removed the Click six citizens of Estonia for committing acts of shocking.

They infect more than four million computers in the world, both PC and Mac, malware that has the ability to change the computer’s DNS victims and ordered him to fake DNS servers which have been prepared in advance.

The aim is to obtain financial gain. Especially from the activity of online advertising, spam and scam. The problem is, at the time of the arrest there are still millions of computers infected by this DNSchanger, and keep using the fake DNS as primary.

If DNS servers are turned off, then it is false auto-all computers that use DNS are false will experience minor aka Apocalypse could not connect to the internet for his setting of the DNS has not been addressed.

Therefore, the FBI took the decision to retain these false DNS servers after cleaning up these servers from malicious action. It was good news for those of you who are infected by the DNSchanger. The bad news is, the Court ordered the FBI to shut down the entire DNS server fake last on 8 March 2012 and eventually extended until 9 July 2012 due to consider already gives quite a grace period for the victims of this to fix his computer DNSchanger.

Therefore, if your computer is infected by the DNSchanger and haven't cleaned up, then on 9 July 2012 practically cannot access the internet or in other words having a small internet doomsday. More wretched again, this not only infect the DNSchanger PCs and Macs but he also has the ability to infect routers – routers and DNS servers from the router to manipulate.

So the whole computer or device that is connected through a router and automatically use DNS router this will get lost and experienced internet Apocalypse also though computers is absolutely not infected by the DNSchanger. As information, DNS or Domain Name Server is a means of translators between human language with an IP address (internet protocol), which is the natural numbers. For instance, we would of course be easier given the whereas computer system actually identifies the address of the computer with a number or IP address.

So, actually known by computer us as If you want to try, please type the IP in the internet browser and we will be delivered to Google sites. DNS server this is what being ' touts ' translating human language to the IP number so understood by computers.

So in short, if there is no interpreter, the computer does not understand what the intent of the human being. And humans are less understanding technical factors like this will surely be confused why his computer so helpless and thought the Internet is dead. This will happen on July 9 at a later date.

Then the question, why our computer’s DNS can be changed? Of course this is caused by a virus that modifies the action of DNSChanger address DNS server computers are usually victimization--referring to the internet DNS provider or ISP--be a fake DNS list has been prepared in advance.

If the DNS server computer or your router using the IP address ranges CONTROL below, it means that your system has been infected by the DNSchanger, and including those that will experience the internet doomsday on July 9th.

dns charger

Mini iPad Ready to Attend This Year

Mini iPad 

The production of so-called mini iPad will run from September.
Apple has long been rumored iPad is preparing a mini. The success of Kindle Fire, 7-inch tablet is priced at a low price, called the reason for Apple to bring the mini iPad. Sources in The Wall Street Journal said Apple has been producing mini iPad, and ready to be launched this year.

mini ipadSources derived from the production chain in Asia was called the Apple tablet production will run from September. Apple's new tablet called will have a screen measuring 7 or 8 inches. Even so, many sources in various media are believed to be present in the Mini iPad 7.85 inch screen.

TechRadar cite pages, this new iPad will be priced between U.S. $ 249 to U.S. $ 299. With cheaper prices, this iPad is not expected to come with technology Retina Display on the screen. The image resolution will be the same as the previous generation iPad, which is 2048 x 1536 p. In addition, the so-called mini iPad will be accompanied only by the capacity of 8 GB of storage.

This specification is called a very minimalist. Because, a lot of HD video formats and even up to 4 GB. Gaming applications also require a large storage capacity. Analyst Ben Reitzes A later mention that the presence of mini iPad will not affect the sale of New iPad. Indeed, iPad Mini would be an alternative choice, especially for educational institutions.

Therefore, it will be integrated with an electronic textbook that has been introduced before Apple. Even so, Apple has never made ​​a formal statement about the mini iPad.

10 best free Games on Android

Every time I searched the Android game review, the results always show the Angry Birds and frankly the game was quite boring for me. So, according to my own here's 10 of the best free games on Android.

1. Mouse Trap
This is a simple game that will keep you hooked for a long time. This Game consists of a maze and a mouse trapped inside. You have to move the block in order to move towards the exit. There are many levels of the game, and you can still sit for hours. If you are a fan of puzzle games, game this one is suitable for you.

2. Wordfeud
This is multiplayer games that are all concerned about creating new words, so that it can increase your vocabulary. This Game can be used on Android and the iPhone. You need to put the tiles on the Board tiles that have been available and you can make the words. You get a lot of options for the game, and you can play around 30 games simultaneously.

3. Ant Smasher
This Game will keep your kids occupied. In this game, the ants walk on the screen and you must destroy them by pressing the ants on the screen. A growing number of ants that you kill the more points you get anyway. Just be careful with the sting of Bees. If you touch it, You DONE.

4. Connect'Em
If you like puzzle games, this one is a challenge for you. In the game, you must connect a WAD of one with the other. Each blog has a couple of connectors, and you should link them in the right way.

5. Pumpkins vs Monsters
Save your pumpkin and then throw to the monsters. One pumpkin will kill one monster, and some are heavier again. Kill monsters and collect his coins. You'll get special powers.

Pumpkins vs Monsters

6. X Construction Lite
If you like physics lessons, you will love this game. Ok so this might be the most interesting matches you will ever see, but this one will keep you busy for hours before you uninstall. You are a construction engineer to make a railway bridge with materials provided. Make sure the train did not fall!

X Construction Lite

7. Stupid Zombies
Game this one is an interesting game that would offer a bit of Gore. You are granted a limited and bullet you must use her so you can kill all the Zombies that exist. This Game I installed last week at the Samsung Galaxy and the result of this game is very fun for me.

Stupid Zombies

8. Jewels
The game is very simple. You are just early gems of the same. The more jewels you match, the more points you get.


9. Paper Toss
A piece of paper that has been on the broken then you throws into the trash that has been available. You should really put these paper balls properly, especially when there is a fan that will banish the ball towards your paper trash.

Paper Toss

10. Find Differences
Maybe you feel bored at first, but soon will draw your attention, and you'll find yourself downloading packages the bigger picture, just to keep the game running.

Find Differences

Friday, July 6, 2012

Review Flipboard For Android

After going through the process of beta now popular magazine application you can download Flipboard has directly via Google Play Store. Flipboard offers easy for you to find many things in one place.

With Flipboard you can closely monitor the development of interesting things you want to know directly from the screen of Android devices. Ranging from monitoring the Twitter timeline to find out the development of the world through news sites and newspapers such as the BBC, USA Today and The Verge.

Not only have that, via Flipboard for Android you’ll get to seen all photos and postings of your friends on Facebook and Instagram. Likewise with the video work of artists or music videos from the world of your favorite bands.

Flipboard application has been given on the iOS platform before its appearance for the first time in the Android OS over the Samsung Galaxy S release III. A month after only available exclusively in a Galaxy S III, now could have been installed in Flipboard all Android devices through its release on Google Play Store.

Flipboard for Android version that exists today was designed for smartphone, not the tablet. This application has gained numerous awards as the best critical applications, as well as applications, applications with the best concept in 2010.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Facing The Doomsday Attack on 9 July 2012


Doomsday july 9Today is the 4th of July and the last five days before the "internet doomsday" or "Doomsday PC" occurred. 5 days from now, all the infected computer and connect to the internet cannot access email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any address on the internet.

According, the FBI stated that they were responsible for the deactivation of the internet on the 9th of July. The FBI said today as the Internet Doomsday. Why does the FBI want to turn off the internet on July 9? That is because the reports of a Trojan attack that will wipe out the entire internet world like a tsunami.

DNSCharger Trojan called Trojan is a creation of cybercriminals from Estonia. This Trojan will infect all Windows-based PC and Mac as well as damage the router is connected to the internet.

Now this notes, there are 4 million computers and routers connected to the internet. Trojan has also been crippled DNSCharger approximately 500 thousand windows PC and Mac in 2007.
Therefore, the FBI recommends that Internet users to perform three steps before the anticipated date of July 9. 

1. Check out all the settings on the computer
2. Using or allowing the best antivirus in a computer device
3. Checking the computer system connected to the internet
4. Click the following link to diagnose your PC:

4 steps above are not the only way to save our computers from attack DNSCharger Trojan, but what's wrong when trying these steps. Is better than cure keep, right?

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Features of Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android version 4.1 jelly bean
Android version 4.1 jelly bean

Android version 4.1 jelly bean has just been officially launched, and will start rolling in mid-July 2012 next month. Let us see the features supported by this operating system.

Google Now 

Google Now is a new feature on the Android system is best. This system can help you summarize and organize what you are doing at that point more quickly and more effectively. This system is similar to Siri who recognized the voice and the data supplemented by information from the search history, calendar, and your location that can provide useful answers in seconds.

Now Google can be accessed as a slide-up bar from the homescreen which will provide some information without your asking. Suppose you want to know where your city is KFC, Google Now will immediately notify the KFC closest to you and the various uses that could be found. 

Butter Project 

Behind the name is odd, there is such a brilliant idea. Butter Project goal is to make Android run on a solid 60fps, complete with forced vsync and triple buffering. Basically, the name is taken from Butter is slick, and the Jelly Bean is expected to be running as slippery as butter.

Butter Project also aims to improve the response of the touch screen to predict where your fingers will touch.

Butter also aims to improve the touch screen response, and how the system tracks your finger. This is done by predicting where your finger would.

Various features will be available from this Butter Project and we hope Android will be running smooth and seamless as quickly as IOS and Windows Phone. 


System Android has received notice from the improvements. Now you can select an application to appear on the notification. You can directly comment on Facebook, twitter, Google + notifications directly from your screen. Developers can also develop behavioral notification of the application makes. 


Google Chrome is now a standard browser for the Android 4.1. Currently Google Chrome will be available for Android and IOS. 

Android Beam 

Beam has been part of since the Ice Cream Sandwich Android was introduced, but the Jelly Bean, Beam Android will bring much improvement is needed. Android NFC Beam is a file sharing interface that serves to share files with phones that support NFC with just a tap. After a beat, the information will be immediately transferred to the receiving device.

Perhaps there are many handsets that have not adopted the NFC technology, but the development of this technology is starting to feel where almost all new devices are launched already started to adopt this technology. 

Better Camera application 

Application features an integrated camera has been added, although this addition is more to do to see the picture rather than shoot. Once you've done shooting, you can simply give "quick swipe" on the photo just taken. So is the gallery that can browse and delete photos more quickly

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If the Law SOPA Confirmed, Will YouTube Blocked



If the U.S. Senate ratifies the Law SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), then one of the largest video sharing sites today, YouTube is blocked have to be prepared. It is because SOPA threatening to block a website suspected online piracy.

By relying on streaming video service, YouTube is transformed into a great site. And everyone knows that live on the YouTube video is owned by anyone, even other people who do upload the video.

Brent Hurley, Strategic Partner Manager on The Development Team explained that YouTube is essentially piracy, thus YouTube users get free promotion of its products, whether it be music, film or the like. Hurley adds, though SOPA only in the U.S., but its impact will be felt around the world. Suspected as website contain piracy, will be blocked can be accessed by U.S. citizens.

The YouTube himself has said that the rejection of the SOPA, previous, other major sites already committed rejection of this Law, such as Mozilla, and Wikipedia decided to go offline in the day Wednesday tomorrow as a protest against SOPA.

The Awaited Tablet Android 4.1 Google Nexus 7 4 Brain Jelly Bean (Quadcore)

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Are still not all gadgets using Android OS 4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), but Google had already released their newest version of Android Jelly Bean.

Presumably the order of names of these foods is still maintained, I began to recognize the start of the Android OS Cupcake version 1.5, then followed in succession is the Donut 1.6, Eclair 2, Froyo 2.2, Ginger bread 2.3, Honey Comb third and final set as the default in the Samsung S3 Ice Cream Sandwich is (ICS) 4.0

Now the new tablet Google Nexus 7 with four brains has been using OS 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is the first gadget that is equipped with OS 4.1 JB (Jelly Bean). The advantages of this new OS would have been highly anticipated. Live we prove whether the advantage of being buzzed by Google will be in accordance with the reality on the ground. Please prove it for those who already hold a tablet Asus Google Nexus 7.
Google Nexus 7 jelly bean

These tablets had been launched since the last date of June 27, 2012, The results of searching on the internet, here are some advantages of the Jelly Bean:

1. Equipped with Braille features, making it easier for users who are visually impaired.

2. Graphic display and transition seamlessly to change application that also seamlessly.

3. Notifications more familiar and easier to use.

4. Now that Google applications installed by default, which unfortunately could not be used around the world.

5. Widgets are flexible, can adjust to the screen.

6. There is a Gallery to view and edit photos.

7. Applications are presented with a more intelligent autocorrect, but for me it is less useful.

8. Equipped with NFC features and functions have Android Beam can be used for sharing contacts, video, and others simply in seconds.

Want to try it immediately? Just wait for the arrival of the Asus Tablet Google Nexus 7 is already equipped with Android OS 4.1 is Jelly Bean.

There is a new one, so it's cheaper

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface

Simply send a text for all transactions can be done. Starting from online banking transactions to the payment account of electricity. That's what happened today. So easy, fast and efficiency. First, a lot of people do attempt to meet all his needs. There is a dirt road for a distance of to get a strong signal when phone fun, there is also a must to spend deeply in order to reach communication abroad through the phone.

Not only that, even to know how the development is going on the industrialized world to await the arrival of scaled international newspaper day away in the morning. Are not realized, complex human needs is always balanced with less effort so practical, because draining which pretty much in the not too short. Of this, makes people vying to find technological innovation that can suffice the needs of everyone with an easy, fast and practical. For example, to what happened in Los Angeles, USA, recently.

The country is famous for its invention of Microsoft, was doing some new discovery again. This time, Microsoft is introducing a computer, electronic tablet gneiss, named Surface. Microsoft called Surface as a leap of great technology with hardware production itself. This is a completely community computing devices new from Microsoft. Embodies the notion that Surface software and hardware really support each other.
Smartphone that can do practically anything that can be done by a laptop. Not only that, even what is done by a digital camera can also be done. In short, this Smartphone combines a laptop with a digital camera.

Therefore easy to carry in the Pocket, Smartphone users can select where the work will be accomplished, given a permanent job can be done by the time he left the House or out of Office. Smart phone users can complete his work anywhere. Comfortable rooms are no longer to be a supremely. In addition to smart phones, iPad is also much loved by the people. IPad Tablet is launched the first time in the United States on April 3, 2010. Although the iPad has a lot of issue generation, but still many are hunted. This is because the latest generation of the iPad has always had surplus compared with previous generations, especially in terms of memory capacity, higher camera capabilities, and lighter weight. Another plus is the Retina Display which allows users to enlarge text read iPad. The development of technology it lets people read iPad books online.

A number of the leading online bookstore in the world makes special application for the iPad. This makes the iPad users not only can read the book online but also buy books and magazines. This is all changing the way we buy and read the book in. Books or magazines that have been purchased can be stored online. So easy and practical, because usually when we buy books we should carry it where ever we go until we finally put it down somewhere. Cannot be denied that the presence of the iPad join alter the perception of the meaning of print media. In America, nearly all mainstream media provides a special iPad app for free, ranging from The New York times, LA Times, Washington Post, Time and Newsweek magazine up. In China, the United Kingdom-language media such as the China Daily and the Shanghai Daily developing iPad version.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 Steps to Buy a Smartphone


Buy a Smartphone
Buy a Smartphone
Never disappointed in buying a Smartphone? Never regret, it feels like to slam the Smartphone that you just buy the expensive price? You are not alone. Many consumers complain because buying a Smartphone, it turns out that Smartphone’s do not fit or are difficult to master.

Then how to get the right to buy a Smartphone? Not easy actually. Many of us sometimes have to adjust to the Smartphone that we buy. This means that our perception of smart phones is wrong or at least less precise. We think it will be a Smartphone easy to use, turned out to be too difficult for the conquered.

However, there is a general way, i.e. public tastes. Usually that is widely used in public, it is easier to impress mastered, such as BlackBerry. You can attest, even kindergarten was now using a BlackBerry. But of course not everyone loves BlackBerry. Think with Google sets forth four important steps, known as The Four Phases of The Consumer Decision Journey. The four stages of this step is a consumer, usually done consciously or not in the purchase of the latest smart phones. Let's see what the steps are.

Ever see a full page ad Samsung Galaxy S3 in the newspaper? Ever see an ad on television featuring Zooey Deschanel using applications in the iPhone 4S Series? Ads in newspapers, on television, seeing ads when browsing the internet, reading articles in magazines, try a Smartphone belonging to friends or family, look at the ads in the magazine, read an article in the newspaper, and received an e-mail from a certain store is a stimulus in making a purchase a Smartphone. The meaning of this stimulus is driving, something that makes you want to buy a Smartphone. In a study in 2011 ago think with Google stating that the greatest stimulus in the purchase of a Smartphone is seeing ads on television and in newspapers, each of about 35%.

No wonder most of the ads are still there on television and in newspapers. After having a stimulus, what you need to do next? Don't believe the ads! Maybe this means the next phase, namely the Zero Moment of Truth. In this stage, you don't believe 100% that is advertised. Then if it does not believe the advertising, what should be done? There are a few things you need to do in order to make your purchase was successful. Think with Google has to log some important activities that you need to do in order to determine whether a particular Smartphone can match your needs. The first is looking for information on the internet by search engine (Google). The two compare smart phones which you want to buy with other smart phones online.

Find information on the site's third retailer. All four are talking about smart phones which you want to buy with friends or family. Find information on the site's fifth vendor or maker of smart phones. Sixth read reviews products online and read the comments of the seventh person in the article discussing online Smartphone that was about to be bought.

I believe with seven steps above you have knowledge enough to decide to buy your ideal Smartphone. But don't rush. Everything must go if you are in a hurry because there will be one or two things that escaped your attention. Follow step three. Knowledge about which you want to buy a Smartphone already owned. However, maybe you do not have confidence in the Smartphone because Smartphone haven't tried these directly. To that end, go see the stores that sell these smart phones. Usually in these stores provided dummy or even physical products/original of the Smartphone that will be bought. I do this when it was about to try out the Nokia 800 Lumia. Once in the shops selling smart phones there are several activities that you need to do. First look at thoroughly Smartphone to purchased. Ask a question to the salesperson about the second Smartphone. The question is up to you, especially how the performance of the Smartphone.

Third try direct Smartphone. If the store does not provide, I suggest looking for other store that provides products that could have a try. The fourth view age product is in store. Sometimes, these products are not entirely new; it might be some time in the store. Lastly, please read the brochure about the product that provided the store so that you can compare in the real product brochure you are holding. With this third step you are ready to buy Smartphone because you already have enough information and have tried these products directly. And if it is really already fit and the information true and already tried owned its own Smartphone, you can pay the price at the checkout.

Post Purchase Behavior There are some behaviors that are carried out after the purchase of consumer smart phones. Some of them are telling friends or family, do mention to colleagues, write on wall facebook, and write a review on the site certain consumer and many others. When it comes to its own Smartphone, its good you are registering you purchase through Smartphone site vendors. Usually this helps in case of damage or any complaints.

In addition, you also need to read the warranty for these smart phones. Ease in taking care of in the event of damage should also be noticed as added value in buying a Smartphone. These steps seem too ideal? Possible. But you need to pay attention that you pay off an amount of money that might be very important so of course you need to be careful in buying so as not to regret it later. What if it’s not friendly salesperson, while you can't bear to buy without having to ask quite a lot? I suggest calming down. As a buyer you need to pretend don't need to be the best salesperson out ability in explaining the sophistication of smart phones to their offers.