Friday, July 20, 2012

Google: Microsoft & Nokia Want Skyrocketed Price of Android

android price

Google accuses Microsoft and Nokia collude use patents to attack Android. In the end, any Android handset prices likely to rise if it must pay the patent in question.

Internet giant's anti-competition complaint registers at Microsoft and Nokia to regulators in Europe. Similar complaints also planned to be submitted to regulators in the United States.

Google's anxiety began when the company bought Canadian Mossaid Technologies Nokia 2000 patent of September 2011. Mossaid who make money from this patent license agreement will share the results with Nokia and Microsoft if the patent is to use the other party.

Well, Google Android worry Mossaid will sue if using the patent in question. While Microsoft had been since the first Android sue and agree on a patent license to some vendors.

Nokia and Microsoft colluded to raise the cost of mobile devices to consumers," Google's complaints as reported by The Australian and quoted on Friday (06/01/2012).

Google may be worrying about other things. If Android continually contested, it is not possible to choose the vendor platforms such as Windows Phone.

Nokia and Microsoft itself is working closely. Nokia currently choose Windows Phone as the primary operating system on the smart phone. There has been no response from Nokia and Google are Microsoft-related complaints.


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