Saturday, July 21, 2012

Boeing Launch Android-Based Entertainment System in the Boeing Dreamliner Jet

boeing launch android

Leading aircraft companies, Boeing, recently introduced the Android-based entertainment system for Boeing's Dreamliner jet belonged to them. Entertainment system, has already been heralded by Boeing since the end of 2011 and then, but could only be realized this month.

Boeing offers two different models for the entertainment system 787, but they still rely on the Android OS. Both models are Panasonic and Thales TopSeries Avant EX3.

Thales TopSeries entertainment Avant models equipped with a dual core ARM processor, 1GB RAM, 256 GB of memory and are available in sizes 10 inches and 17 inches. Unfortunately not known which version of Android that used in Thales TopSeries Avant, due customized interface. But if you look at the time of production, most likely the device is running Android 2.3 or 3.0. 

Unfortunately, the availability of Android-based entertainment system is not as wide as Avant. Android-based entertainment system that was introduced by Boeing is the Android device that complements Avant 3.8 inches, with just a capability that can be done by Android phones.

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