Thursday, July 19, 2012

BotNet Android is Used to Send Spam

Botnet Android 

Botnet Android

A Microsoft technician found that Android devices-devices have been used to send spam or junk mail. Botnet identification international associated operating system and Google it is displayed by a technician named Terry Zink in his MSDN blog.

Android Malware indeed central surged. A lot of Android application that utilized a mock to scoop up money by sending an SMS message.

But in this case, the money collected after the spam email sent from Yahoo! Mail server on any Android. In his writing, Terry Zink describes how he analyzes examples of spam that contained the signature "Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android".

Zinck exposing hackers have developed a botnet that can access your Yahoo! Mail account in Android and send spam as a result.

SlashGear says, that the Yahoo! has provided the IP address from which the email comes, where our country's entry in this list. In addition to Indonesia, other countries include Chile, Lebanon, Oman, the Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Microsoft engineers also believe that users tend to try to download a copy of this application to avoid payment. It is possible; the user is deceived by a false version Download Yahoo! Mail application which led to the incident above.

Therefore it is recommended that users install only applications from Google, at least until the user Play absolutely certain software that will be installed are trusted

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