Friday, July 13, 2012

Google disable iGoogle


Not the first time Google shut down a number of products. This time, there are 5 more that discontinued product goes by the internet giant. "Technology can create opportunities out to improve people's lives. But to make this, we should focus, if we do not have to end up doing too much and do not have the impact of what we stand for," said Google in his blog.

The products that are discontinued one of them are iGoogle. iGoogle is the home page for the web that can be customized. Released in 2005, the product is a combination of RSS reader and widget platform, quoted from Cnet, Wednesday (04/06/2012).

With the presence of modern applications that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the presence of iGoogle is no longer needed. The user is given 16 months to set and export the data.

Besides iGoogle, still have 4 more to discontinued products where some of these repercussions are not widely heard. What are they?

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