Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Sold 380 Units per Minute

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy s3
Samsung Galaxy S3

Sales of televisions and household appliances are indeed declining output due to the crisis of Samsung that hit the Eurozone, their biggest customer. However, it is not the case with the series of sales of their latest Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy.

According to Reuters news agency, Friday 6 July 2012, selling Samsung Galaxy series has sold 50 million units, or 380 units per minute of it. With sales that have reached US $ 5.9 billion during the quarter, the advantages that a company from South Korea is increasing more than 4.4 billion won from the previous year.

Based on a survey of 14 analysts, profits will be achieved by Samsung in the third quarter is estimated at 7.3 billion won to 9.1 billion won, or increased 36 percent from the second quarter.

The golden age of sale mobile phone Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy mainly for series III, is expected to progressively increase before Apple launched the iPhone its newest model. If the iPhone has been launched, the sale of semiconductors increased, thus would have given the Samsung is a manufacturer of single-chip memory, NAND flash, and the screen display for Apple.

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