Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twitter Breakup with LinkedIn

Twitter - LinkedIn 

twitter linkedin
twitter - linkedin

United States -Twitter ended their partnership with LinkedIn interlacing. Thus, users of LinkedIn and Twitter can post tweet them in professional social networking page.

Earlier, a joint venture between Twitter and LinkedIn have been intertwined for a little over one and a half years, allows users to publish a tweet to their LinkedIn profile.

Chief Consumer Product Michael Sippey, Twitter Chief in his statement that writing on a blog developer blog mentions, this change is part of measures to present the experience of using Twitter is more mainstream, i.e. a series of tools and products that are consistent.

Twitter has been gradually ' freeze ' partners that display tweets on their website. Its main focus, however, this step in the mobile client, the realm where Twitter boost its bid.

Reported by the Business Insider, Saturday (30/6/2012), users can still post my tweet update them on LinkedIn or vice versa, but content sharing functions can no longer work.

Other sources are quoted from the tech blog Mashable mentions, other reasons Twitter's partnership with LinkedIn which is disconnected because of security issues. LinkedIn valued Twitter isn't enough to protect the users of Twitter. Moreover, some time ago a hacker leaked a LinkedIn conceded more than 6 million passwords.

Twitter also assumes their partnership with LinkedIn is not profitable. It also had a significant impact on the developer who created the application to display the tweet for example. They feel aggrieved because of changes to the rules of Twitter and his pace developed the mobile client.

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