Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Download & Install Google applications for Android 4.0 Now ICS [GER]

Google Applications 

google now
Google Now 
Now that Google applications like Siri application for IOS was originally only available for Android version 4.1 or Android known as Jelly Bean. But one of the developer contained in the XDA-Developers forum managed to install the Google Android Now for the 4.0 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now that Google applications being previewed at Google I / O 2012 is a virtual personal assistant application that is able to provide answers to all questions asked by users and commands as the user is 'talk' with your phone / Android tablet.

As well as Siri application for the release of Apple iPad / iPhone, Google Now application requires an internet connection to be enabled. Google claims this feature supports 18 languages.

If your users Android 4.0 or Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and wanted to try out the free Google applications, you can download Google Now APK file and follow the guidelines on how to install it that there is XDA-Developers forum at this link.

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