Thursday, May 31, 2012

FIRST, Applications to Anticipating Threats Bomb, Toxic Gas and Other Disasters


U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently launched a mobile application called FIRST, which stands for First Responder Support Tools. This application serves to anticipate the unintended circumstances, such as bomb threats, poisonous or other gases.

FIRST not only provides information on threats to be faced, but also telling that steps must be taken to avoid the threat. But first, the user must enter data through the help of Google Map location and other data required by this application.

After all data is entered, FIRST will provide some alternative anticipated threats, such as vital to neutralize and evacuate places such as schools, buildings and other FIRST then also be able to tell where the police should pass the road block.
first android apps

If the user knows the type of bomb or poison gas, then the FIRST can provide information about the effects of a bomb explosion or toxic gas. In addition, FIRST can take into account the weather conditions in real time.

FIRST application now can you have with the cost of U.S. $ 10 fine for IOS and Android, while the desktop version sells for U.S. $ 100.

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