Thursday, May 24, 2012

Siri Vs Google Search Jellybean

Siri Vs Google Search Jellybean

Siri is an Apple-owned digital assistant ios iphone 4s since its product, but this time Siri gets serious challenge to Google, many argue assistant voice applications from Google has been there a long time, so in the Android 4.1 Jellybean got the latest version of this improvement is fine.

Many argue that Google voice application has received praise when used along with Siri on iphone 4s. In some questions Voice Search on Android looks more clever and quick in answering any questions. Because it is integrated with Google Search This search engine is definitely able to display all the information better. 

And Google Voice has added a feature that is called Google Now that is able to Navigation Road is able to avoid even the fastest goal of the congestion.

And of course this feature is still not in some country. Now Google can also navigate on time and looks capable of getting information to the destination and how long can even see the information from the other plane and train tickets.
Google Search Jellybean

With this if Apple let other Smartphone features outperform features its own it? Only time can answer. Listen Video and conversation questions raised by Siri and Android

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