Sunday, June 17, 2012

About Android: A twit


androidWhen talking about the Android OS, then we talk about application support, comfort of use, and do not forget battery durability. Others do not. If one of them is forgotten, then that is what I call a twit. If both together, then the highest value of all that is the best temporary. Said to be temporary due to the rapid development and continuous release of products with improved software and hardware side.
When it comes to brand a product issue with the Android OS we are talking about history, image, after sales service, product quality and consistency that they made it. If one of them is ignored, then I will not participate in a misleading way of looking at it.

Simple analogy about the level we need if you want to use the android based device is the same as the adjustments we need a computer. For what device it needs to be used, so we can adjust the specifications that will we seek. With the specifications and the official market price of the benchmark of a product, the more expensive the product the better it will clear the products that we will get. Because the price is never lie. Hence the value of money we spend will be directly proportional to the quality of the goods we trade for, unless deceived. Surely the law of demand and supply is the one that affected him.

As a seller, I often do with the deliberate duping of information hiding, as forgetting the important thing about the weakness of the specifications of an android device. I often say that the Samsung Galaxy Y for example is an android phone the most reasonable price. Of course this is debatable, because the return on the needs of its users. But I'm getting at here is my explanation on consumer ignorance about the screen quality is very disappointing that the main thing judging from the Android mobile devices for convenience when the user is browsing and run the application, what else is more important than that? Phone and short message service?

As a seller, I often do tricking with deliberate disregard the important thing about the lack of consumer needs with the specifications of the device was looking for. Perhaps it is my priority is the desire of consumers to a device for the needs of "wow". I would say that the products of Samsung, HTC, Sony or other well-known brands that cost the most expensive is the best. Not hard to talk at length and the length of product excellence to convince consumers that product to me. I did a twit by ignoring considerations other product specifications and the price is more suitable for my customers.

And while writing this, I say it is. I hope the customers do not read it, because I know their character, are very rare and almost nothing entered in the "world".

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