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Here's the application Android phones are friendly To Children

Application Android Phones 

There are a lot of dangers that peek at various angles and Smartphone technology is preferred often, our children are not prepared to face the dangers. Kids nowadays are equipped with sophisticated gadgets such as smart phones even from an early age. Children from an early age were given a smart phone to them and they were happy or fortunate after having a Smartphone. But do we not know that an awful lot we will worry about when the kids are already using smart phones, one of which is probably when the children opened the web site content that smells of negativity and game play too long and much, much more.
apps android phones for children
apps android phones for children

Another issue is about the abuse of the Smartphone being offered to children. Parents are certainly concerned that children can spend all their time playing games, or share their own information or pictures with others (the evil), plus the "open web" that we want to filter. And how to avoid it?

Well ...Recently there is an application called Kytephone, which converts mobile application Android Smartphone into a safer for children. Here are only required to download this App and installed in the Android Smartphone. Keep in mind that the App Kytephone is currently only available for the Android operating system.

This application will restrict access to certain features; parents can use this application as a tracking device. They can check the website Kytephone for updates on the location of the child, and also note where the location of the child now. This application can also restrict outgoing calls.

Kytephone can provide unparalleled personal control, allows parents to, for example, locking access to anything on the phone features Android devices, or messaging application. Parents can restrict access to specific applications, thus helping prevent children to get applications that contain banned content.

This application turns every Android phone into a child-friendly zone. Parents can control the communication that will be made by their kids and set limits for this type of applications they download via the browser program.

Others again, when parents want to learn the location of the child. Then parents can track their children by using GPS. If the host has a GPS feature will then be able to just find the location of the children in real time.

Can also limit the use of the game (game) in Smartphone App via Kytephone. Parents can set time limits for game play, such as an hour per day, or 2 hours/day, or set the time so couldn't the children are playing a game at 10 pm. And can also control the kind of game that you want to download the children.


Controls incoming and outgoing calls on the phone and limit it to the selected contact.
Limit the number of selective application of a phone that will be seen on Kytephone.
Keep track of your child's location using GPS and phone from the website Kytephone.
See the latest activity undertaken on the children phone -outgoing, incoming, applications that use by site kytephone.
Unfortunately, Kytephone is currently only available on Android but indeed these companies will likely carry over to IOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry platforms in the future. Kytephone operate on the free model, which means that the application is free for download with basic functions.

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