Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Android is not Comfortable for Sending Email

Android Comfort

I sometimes smile myself when reading the comments at a news portal, especially news about the Smartphone android, iphone or blackberry. Supporting each other blasphemy among the three types of smart phones are sometimes thrown a stupid sentence and knowledgeably.
blackberryI was one of the users Smartphone above the android, but do not hate others. One reason I write this blog is no one comment from one of the blackberry users are very proud that BlackBerry has a sophisticated push email. Proudly and with a little insulting to ask whether the android like BlackBerry is able to send email attachments like the Blackberry? For business email Android not fun. Is this true? I hope my opinion is useful.
I wish I could chat with this person then I ask a question for the first time, what his email? If email is not like this: then I guesses it's not true push email push email but just pretend. And therefore I will laugh... Or address the possibility of real push company email address but the company must subscribe RIM.
The reason I say it (not a real push email) because if you use Gmail, yahoo or other email is likely to occur:
1. Blackberry server periodically checking email to the server, and then if there is an email will downloaded first and then sent to the blackberry handset (push email). Different if the email is sent to the email address push directly on the spot to the handset by Blackberry server for email service provider is the blackberry itself. 
2. Generally applicable at this time that I read it on our handsets email client (email reader software) that performs synchronization to the server yahoo, Gmail or others. So in my opinion it is no longer pull push email but have active email because we are the handset (I call this automatic email, in general called fake push email).
Currently I use Gmail for android by android for a few months ago there was improvement in Gmail for android push email facility that is coupled although I suspect even this is not real push email because it still relies on Google.

I do not use the email client on android because it is my primary email in Gmail even uses your own domain. I also use the filter feature to Label and keep my Gmail inbox to remain "clean" from the email - which email notifications are less important kind of facebook. So I do not wear anything I choose active notification on face book but make the label (folder) for facebook.

In Gmail for android can also add attachment. I had sent AutoCAD drawing file (. Dwg) and pdf via mini Samsung. Can be delivered smoothly (note use of data packets rather inhuman speed or select mobile operators give a good internet speed).
So it's still salivating with real push email technology? After all, the semi push emails that many people use today are almost in real time. And most importantly I like to use push email as free (as I still have to pay for data services but at least he ties free for driving electronic mail service to my handset)

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