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Google's Android Sold?

google android
Andy Rubin, Google's Vice President of Engineering with a background of green robots, Android

Google Android

It might be, Google decided to sell their Smartphone platform, Android. Android is now leading the world's Smartphone operating system market, Google is a phenomenal product. Phenomenal not only beat a lot of operating systems that have previously existed, but also gives a lot of problems for Google itself. What about the problems created by Android, so maybe one time Google sells the operating system to interested parties? In testimony at the trial of cases Oracle lawsuit against Google Android operating system is concerned, the CEO of Google, Larry Page said that Android is important for Google, but not critical. This means that Google itself acknowledges, though Android is a phenomenal product, but not critical for Google as a whole. 

Although it may claim only a short answer at the hearing, Android Indeed not the least negative impact for Google. An article in Data Motion reveals the dark side of Google Android. So to speak, all the facts are parsed in the article is true and will probably be a good reason for Google to sell Android. 

First, Android is very good for consumers, but not good for Google as a whole. Can you imagine, if there is no Android, Apple Inc. might IOS. Will dominate the Smartphone market. With monopoly power, will never be found cheaply-style Smartphone with Android. This means that Android provides an option for consumers so that they acquire smart phones and tablets at competitive prices. The option is almost as good as the IOS that is only owned by Apple Inc.. Not only for consumers, but also for vendors and carriers such as Verizon in the United States strongly supports the sale of air-OS Android handset. We can look at the data revenue Smartphone vendor, Samsung and Apple Inc is a party to earn the most revenue. 

The third position is occupied by HTC. Samsung and HTC Android is a vendor who clearly profited greatly by the existence of Android. Samsung could even become the largest Smartphone vendor in the world thanks to Android. Meanwhile, what is acquired by Google? I think the advertising revenue earned by Google from Android handset is very small when compared with their main income from their advertising on the desktop machine. 

The second patent lawsuit. Google, directly or indirectly involved with patent lawsuits, especially from Microsoft and Apple Inc... As is known, in his biography, said Steve Jobs will make thermonuclear war against Android. Although the actual patent war between Google and Apple Inc. is still indirect, no doubt being targeted by Apple Inc. and Microsoft is Google. Parties are lucky so far is Microsoft because they cite very many of the vendors Android royalties allegedly using Microsoft's patent is not valid. The amount of royalties received even more than Microsoft is supposedly based handset sales of Microsoft Windows Phone. There's even a joke, should Microsoft allow Android continues to grow so that they continue to earn royalties and kill their own Windows Phone so that the competition is really between Google and Apple Inc. As we know, actually Apple Inc. is an old enemy Microsoft. By allowing Android victorious, indirectly Microsoft against Apple Inc. Not only that, Google is now in session for alleged infringement of patents owned by Sun that has been acquired by Oracle. Although the last bit of favorable situations Google, but the presence of important people in the court of Google in at least a negative effect for the image of Google. 

Third, related to a patent lawsuit against many vendors Android derived from Apple Inc. as well as Microsoft, Google be forced to buy Motorola Mobility. The process is currently awaiting Chinese government approval after the United States and Europe approved the acquisition. Money spent on Google to acquire Motorola Mobility very much, 12.5 billion dollars. The figure for this is the highest figure ever issued by Google to acquire a company. Motorola bought obvious purpose to protect the vendor from attack Android and Apple Inc. Microsoft patents. In addition, Motorola alone had no desire to take royalties from other Android vendor. This of course can ruin a deal so that Google's Open Handset Alliance to rush to buy Motorola Mobility. But this is not always on the right track. Motorola Mobility although many have a patent (17 thousand patents and nearly 7 thousand patent pending) but are in the category of essential patents that should be distributed is the fair and reasonable price. It becomes its own obstacle for Motorola to counterattack against Apple Inc. and Microsoft. 

Fourth, the Android platform is fragmented. Android operating system is split into many series like cupcake, donut, ├ęclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, and the last Ice Cream Sandwich. Moreover, later rumored to be around October 2012 appearing Jelly Bean. This is its own difficulties for developers and vendors to create a handset that can be accepted by the market. 

Fifth, damaging a good relationship with Apple Inc. Before Google launched Android, Google's many products are used by Apple Inc. One favorite is the product maps and the Google search engine. Once Google launched Android, the relationship the two companies deteriorated. Although in an interview Larry Page had doubts about Steve Jobs on Android anger, but the biographer Steve Jobs said what Jobs said that he was very angry with the Android is the truth. Bad relationship also underlies Apple Inc. to seek new alternative maps or create your own maps. This is a loss for Google because Google's revenue from users of Apple Inc's IOS. Greater when compared with the revenues derived from Android. 

Sixth, Android stripped by Amazon. Amazon Kindle Fire with his tablet now under the Apple iPad in terms of sales volume. Kindle Android-based Tablet of course, but Android is already stripped down the Amazon by removing the Google products such as search, maps and much more. As a result, Google cannot get anything from the user's Kindle Fire. Seeing this, of course Google is impaired by the presence of a stripped down Android is. 

From some reason, it deserves to sell Google Android. But the question is, does Google want to sell Android? From the observations, as far as is known, Google is obsessed with something that big though it does produce. A concrete example is the project Driverless Car is just spending money Google. Google Android is a great product. With Google Android Smartphone to be credited with making the market competitive. 

The reason is probably more fun than a reason for Google's revenue from Android. For this reason Google will continue to maintain Android, though will only give very little income and few problems for Google. Google's view, although Android pose has many problems, but this product is very worthy to be preserved.

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