Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battery Saver For Your Android Application: 2X Battery

Battery Saver 

How many applications are installed on your Android gadgets? Sure is easy and fun to all types of applications you need installed in your gadget? However, it is common knowledge that the main weakness of the gadget is a resource alias Android battery saver. As more and more applications in your gadget, the more wasteful consumption of battery.
Battery Saver Android

This is where the main function of the application 2X Battery - Battery Saver. Free application made ​​by Sam Lu will save energy and battery power like the power 2 batteries on your Android gadgets. How does this application work? 2X Battery Saver uses intelligent algorithms that will enable / disable data connection, reducing energy consumption through efficient use of data, while still maintaining the necessary data to be synchronized.

Some other advanced features of these battery-saving applications are:
1. Turn off the display automatically when the gadget is placed upside down on a table or in a pocket.
2. Built-in filter screen in order to reduce the screen brightness
3. being able to set the connection and data communications running in the background is bright.
4. Night mode support (for PRO version).
5. Complete display data on the use of batteries, time since last charging, the battery of health status, the estimated battery time runs out, voltage, temperature and others.
Battery Saver Android

Based on the testimonials of users who have installed this application, almost all brands gadget Android feeling the effects of savings and the battery last longer. 2X Battery Saver application has been downloaded more than two and a half million times since it was first released. Size of 1.1 MB application gets an average rating of 4.40/5.00 from about 10 thousand more user contributed reviews.

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