Monday, June 25, 2012

Microsoft Surface Prices Start From $ 599

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface

Tablet computer when it's already almost become a necessity, despite the early appearance of scorn as much in terms of function is still somewhat limited compared to desktop or laptop. Apple iPad is the pioneer and creator of this tendency. Apple iPad to this moment still lead despite many technology companies vying out maneuvered.

Who is not tempted by the acquisition of which was snatched away by the technology giant headquartered in Cupertino, California, U.S. With only one type of new products are top of their direct leadership of technological devices, like when the iPhone first appeared. Even with these two product lines are only the portion of Apple's profits. Straight up.

IPad murders race began. Poured an incessant series of Samsung Galaxy Tab Android platform with a range of variants, including the size. This business has not been able to conquer the Apple iPad. Motorola, Dell, and several other small technology companies trying to taste the cake portion is very little left by the Apple iPad. RIM BlackBerry bandwagon to try their luck with a direct Playbook drop before the match.

Although they are less fortunate, from the other side of Apple has been credited with creating a new product line to add to their catalog and at least make the crowded arena of competition for technology products is only dominated the desktop and laptop.

Apple iPad conquest trial to date has not expired and getting hotter with the announcement of new products from seasoned technology giant, Microsoft. So far, the technology giant is only good in computer software for the mainstream, desktop and laptop, and never managed to produce hardware. The presence of Microsoft Surface is predicted Apple iPad will conquer, though at the time announced its specifications and mockup Microsoft has also provided assurance reports the date and price.

Then rumors of one the important factors of this iPad prospective conqueror, namely the price. A leading online media TheNextWeb, which have leaked from an insider, said that Surface will be priced U.S. $ 599 to $ 999. As reported by Bloomberg earlier, only the possibility of a model-based Surface wifi. Price $ 599 is for the 32GB model is reinforced with Tegra 3 and Windows RT. And the price is $ 999 for Surface Ivy Bridge with Windows version 8 Pro.

Talking about the price is very sensitive related to competition with other products. Surface version of the $ 599 is likely to be confronted directly with the new retina-display iPad 32GB wifi. And the price of $ 999 for most observers considered being too high because it is sensitive to the price of the Macbook Air and other laptop that class.

If the rumor is true about the price, Windows needs to be cautious and worried about his success. Although Windows already has a sizable fan base, but the bond does not seem as powerful as Windows fans like Apple. So far, Apple has a loyal fan that almost did not price sensitive because it has built a reliable product excellence for many years. Unlike the Windows that despite dominating the software, there is the impression of "forced" because there is no easy option and "forced" to use it.

Minimum price of $ 599 will be very risky overlooked by the average consumer as much iPad tablet in addition to the price far below, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and from some other small vendors. If Microsoft surface wants to successfully compete with Apple iPad or at least not much biting, this pricing strategy needs to be recalculated.

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