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Most Chinese Mobile Phone Features Are Not Available Brochures

Chinese Mobile Phone 

chinese mobile phone
chinese mobile phone
The presence of Chinese mobile phone with a brand new, more glow just entered the mobile phone market country. Dozens of brands compete fiercely in the market; a powerful race of breath captured the hearts of potential customers. Unfortunately, the competition was marred some unscrupulous distributors (players) naughty. Way they could harm consumers and threaten the survival of other distributors that intend good and serious. What caused them?

Chinese Mobile phones with this new brand could be an alternative choice of an established brand phones. More affordable with attractive features is given in many types of phones. Their courage even buried features dual-mode or dual-slot GSM or GSM-CDMA to be the solution for addressing the tariff wars of this operator, then an internal TV tuner for watching broadcast television at no cost.

Whatever its name, brand or cell phone local brand Chinese suppliers are from China. Not surprisingly, most of the form fills in the menus and features are also similar, because the choice between brands that exist today actually originated from the same factory. For convenience, this time for phones made by the bamboo curtain country we call it as an alternative phone.

Must be More Selective
At least, until now there are 30s brands of mobile phones in circulation alternatives in phone booths across the archipelago. With so many players who will certainly sharpen the competitive landscape in the mobile market segment. Imagine if just issued from one brand of 10 types of phones, meaning there are about 300an alternative phone options on the market, you'll be dizzy when planning to buy a phone with dual-mode mode or the air-TV.
Customer wants, of course, which will choose a phone with a feature rich, but with the cheap price. And so it offered an alternative phone, its features are abundant and interesting, but sold at relatively cheap prices.

Unfortunately, choosing an alternative Chinese mobile phone is not as easy as we thought. Different when we choose to live branded phone then point to see your ad, choose the majority alternative phone China made us to be a little careful. What for?
In order to maintain the existence of the market or boost sales, mobile phones are taking an alternative path is also an 'alternative', that is by promoting the features on phones that do not correspond to reality.

For example, the casing or in a brochure written by 2 megapixel camera, but in reality it only supports a maximum resolution of 1.3 MP.
In addition there are many other irregularities in the mobile-phone alternative, the signal will disclose it so you better be careful.

*. The camera lies. In the body of the phone there is a hole for the camera but only as a sweetener in it, the camera does not exist.
*. Camera resolution listed on the casing does not match reality. For example printed on the casing 2 MP, in fact only 0.3 MP (VGA)
*. Access buttons on side of body decoration phones only. For example, there are buttons for the camera but does not function, only in the form of accessories just because it forms a permanent casing.
*. Model of mobile phone casing like a well-known brand
*. Not Dual on. This means that only one card is active, whereas the dual-written brochure on (both active card).
*. Java applications should be special. There are alternatives that have been supporting mobile Java technologies, but not all Java applications that can circulate installation.
*. Battery capacity is not as stated in the brochure.
*. The battery cannot be in-charge (rechargeable)
*. Casing material is less good, sometimes there are defects.
*. There are phones that do not qualify for alternative certification but still sold in the market.

*. Service center combined with the store. There is a possibility of this its mobile brands such as 'hit and run' and not willing to invest in after-sales service. If the brand is closed, the shop owner would not want to bear the loss.

Play on the brand and the late
Not all brands of Chinese mobile phone can survive market alternatives. In fact, many of which have disappeared from the market. Therefore be careful to choose the brand,
Outstanding brand in the country today are: Altrec, Anycool, Beyond, Cross, D-One, Gstar, Haier, Hi-Tech, Huawei, Imo, iMobile, Chancellor, Kozi, K-Touch, Lotus, Micxon, Mito , My-G, Nexian, Ozone, Startech, Taxco, Techno, Titan, Vitell, VirtuV, and ZTE.

While the brand has begun to disappear from the market is Hisense, Inco, Konka, Mobile, and VK. In addition to the above brands, mobile phone black market (BM - entry without a distributor lane) and the brand is a play on the well-known brands were available, namely Nckia, Nokla, Motolola, Suny Elicsson, dan Vevtu.

But there are also brands that have not appeared on the market even if registered. Brands those are not present as Al Tone, Bluedio, Ivio, Maxtron, M Mobile, nano, Neotel, Vcall, and Xtelecom.

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