Thursday, June 28, 2012

Galaxy S II Latest Use Pre-Loaded Android 4.0 ICS

Galaxy S II  

Galaxy S II
New user Galaxy S II in India today reported that the device they had just bought had actually been directly fitted with Android OS 4.0 ICS directly from the manufacturer. A clear case of jealousy of the user raises the old Galaxy S II in India, for until now they are also waiting for the release of firmware update officially.

The news about the latest release of Galaxy S II are directly equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich has been busy talking on Twitter late last week, and the news was immediately confirmed by more than one new buyer Galaxy S II in India that they have operated devices using Android OS 4.0 official from Samsung.

Products with firmware that began to appear on the boxes of Galaxy S II that was sent around the month of April 2012. So if you plan to buy a Smartphone Galaxy S II, make sure first that the devices are imported at least in the period from April 2012 so that you can get the Galaxy S II pre-loaded with ICS. Happy hunting!
Galaxy S II

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