Monday, June 18, 2012

Tips to Optimize Android

Android Tips 

android tips

In this modern age, it looks like advanced technology is already widely used. For example on gadget. Many gadgets are now using advanced technology, both on its OS and features. One OS which is currently booming is Android.

Android works on a variety of gadgets. As Smartphone and Tablet PCs for example. Purchase a Tablet is also increasingly evident. We can see it all around us. The Tablet is judged more practical with a variety of features in common with laptops, as well as connectivity with a variety of other devices. Other advantage of the Tablet is easy to carry everywhere.
android apps

If we have an Android Tablet, at first perhaps we would feel alien and difficult to optimize. It's good if we optimize our Android Tablet to work as much as possible we want. We can download the application for free on Google Play, of course previously had to sign in with your Google or Gmail email account.

Although there are many free applications at Google Play, look for many applications are recommended. Because there is also an application featuring spam or hidden viruses. Download applications that we think important enough.
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We can download application cleaner in our Android, because the function of this application is deleted automatically all the cache, history, cookies and other settings depend on us. The aim, among others, to accelerate the performance of our Android, so gadgets never slow.

The complaint of many people about Android's battery life is fast running out. To address this, we can use the feature to Underclock it. By using these features, we can save some battery life. Underclock the processor speed function. Usually those features are on the menu.

Hopefully some of these tips can be helpful to optimize the performance of Android. In addition to the Tablet, of course these tips can also be useful for Smartphone devices and other Android gadget. Good luck...

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