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Euro 2012 Update of your Android device

2012 European Cup grand event has been opened in Warsaw Poland on June 8, 2012, in a grand opening ceremony and festive, followed by a kick off match between Poland versus Greece, which ended in a draw 1-1. Euro 2012 started to draw when last night, a surprise favorite to beat champions Denmark, the Netherlands, with the score 1-0.

Football lovers around the world will soon turn its attention to the matches that took place during Euro 2012. The media were also a lot of space to provide ongoing coverage of Euro 2012, the start of the game schedule reviews, and reviews observers predicted the ball, the match-up live coverage of the game. For fans of football fanatics, of course, would be willing to stay up until dawn watching the match live. For the mediocre, perhaps simply by reading the results, both in newspapers and in online media.
Euro 2012 in your grip

For those of you who have Android gadget, you can monitor and enjoy the thunder of Euro through your android device. At present it has many applications created by developers at Google Android play. One application that you must install on your Android device, of course, is the Official UEFA EURO 2012 app, which officially launched by UEFA.
Snapshot aplikasi Official UEFA EURO 2012
Snapshot aplikasi Official UEFA EURO 2012
Snapshot application Official UEFA EURO 2012 (source:

Comes with an attractive interface, the application contained the latest news, match schedules, reviews, match results, statistics, team formations European cup participant, player photo galleries and much more. In addition there is a lot of news and new photos are ready to give you the latest information quickly.
After the match in the know, group standings will also automatically updated. That way you will never miss the information about the results and standings of each group. You also choose your favorite team. Any information about your favorite team can be displayed on the main screen and follow the latest info that will play the game, including line-ups and statistics of the players.
Snapshot jadwal dan update pertandingan Euro 2012
Snapshot jadwal dan update pertandingan Euro 2012
Snapshot schedule and update the game Euro 2012 (source:

The picture above shows the view schedules and update the latest Euro 2012 matches.
Snapshot tampilan fitur-fitur aplikasi

Snapshot display features of the application 
While the picture above is the display features contained in the application of the Official UEFA EURO 2012 app. This display can be displayed by clicking (touching) the icon in the upper right side. There are also features that exist in this application are:

Home, this is the initial display page after entering the home screen application. At the top of the home, the last update is displayed, followed by the update info and latest news about the last game. At the very top, there is a menu "your favorites", where you can set your favorite team, so you'll always get the update on the progress of your favorite team.

Matches, this page displays the results of the latest games and matches will take place. If we click on the game, then the data will be displayed Highlights (featuring key moments in the game), Commentary (which displays the comments in the minutes of the game), Statistics (which displays data such as number of games chances, the number of corner kicks, the number of violations, the number of yellow cards and red, and the number of offside) and Lineups (which shows the formation of the players on both teams are playing).

Teams, this page shows teams which countries perform at Euro 2012 this time. If we click on one team, then the results will be displayed that has been passed and the game will face. In the view below, displays the team standings in the group. There will be seen. And on display at the bottom, we can see the team that brought the team squad the country, ranging from the goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward.

News and Photos, featuring all the news stories and photos about the ongoing Euro 2012. At first look, only displays news headlines and photographs. If you click one of the news headlines, then we can read the full news descriptions. Likewise if we click a thumbnail image, it will appear larger photo. We are able to share news or photos to social networks like facebook or twitter, directly from this application.

Video Centre, available options on this page to see the video from the developers of these applications are from UEFA, which consists of video-related event Euro 2012, Champions League and Europe League and other free content.

Social (Official EURO), on this page we will be able to follow updates on the status of the official Euro social networking facebook or twitter. In this case, because I only have facebook, that the show is a status update on facebook official Euro.

Setting, on this page displays a list of menus for setting up as we want. There are also settings include live ticker setting and Push notifications. Live ticker setting will provide information about the latest game scores when we enter the application. While Push the notification will provide information on things related to our favorite team (which we have previously set). There is also information related to the push notifications that include goals, match events, match timing, highlight videos, news and videos.

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