Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 Steps to Buy a Smartphone


Buy a Smartphone
Buy a Smartphone
Never disappointed in buying a Smartphone? Never regret, it feels like to slam the Smartphone that you just buy the expensive price? You are not alone. Many consumers complain because buying a Smartphone, it turns out that Smartphone’s do not fit or are difficult to master.

Then how to get the right to buy a Smartphone? Not easy actually. Many of us sometimes have to adjust to the Smartphone that we buy. This means that our perception of smart phones is wrong or at least less precise. We think it will be a Smartphone easy to use, turned out to be too difficult for the conquered.

However, there is a general way, i.e. public tastes. Usually that is widely used in public, it is easier to impress mastered, such as BlackBerry. You can attest, even kindergarten was now using a BlackBerry. But of course not everyone loves BlackBerry. Think with Google sets forth four important steps, known as The Four Phases of The Consumer Decision Journey. The four stages of this step is a consumer, usually done consciously or not in the purchase of the latest smart phones. Let's see what the steps are.

Ever see a full page ad Samsung Galaxy S3 in the newspaper? Ever see an ad on television featuring Zooey Deschanel using applications in the iPhone 4S Series? Ads in newspapers, on television, seeing ads when browsing the internet, reading articles in magazines, try a Smartphone belonging to friends or family, look at the ads in the magazine, read an article in the newspaper, and received an e-mail from a certain store is a stimulus in making a purchase a Smartphone. The meaning of this stimulus is driving, something that makes you want to buy a Smartphone. In a study in 2011 ago think with Google stating that the greatest stimulus in the purchase of a Smartphone is seeing ads on television and in newspapers, each of about 35%.

No wonder most of the ads are still there on television and in newspapers. After having a stimulus, what you need to do next? Don't believe the ads! Maybe this means the next phase, namely the Zero Moment of Truth. In this stage, you don't believe 100% that is advertised. Then if it does not believe the advertising, what should be done? There are a few things you need to do in order to make your purchase was successful. Think with Google has to log some important activities that you need to do in order to determine whether a particular Smartphone can match your needs. The first is looking for information on the internet by search engine (Google). The two compare smart phones which you want to buy with other smart phones online.

Find information on the site's third retailer. All four are talking about smart phones which you want to buy with friends or family. Find information on the site's fifth vendor or maker of smart phones. Sixth read reviews products online and read the comments of the seventh person in the article discussing online Smartphone that was about to be bought.

I believe with seven steps above you have knowledge enough to decide to buy your ideal Smartphone. But don't rush. Everything must go if you are in a hurry because there will be one or two things that escaped your attention. Follow step three. Knowledge about which you want to buy a Smartphone already owned. However, maybe you do not have confidence in the Smartphone because Smartphone haven't tried these directly. To that end, go see the stores that sell these smart phones. Usually in these stores provided dummy or even physical products/original of the Smartphone that will be bought. I do this when it was about to try out the Nokia 800 Lumia. Once in the shops selling smart phones there are several activities that you need to do. First look at thoroughly Smartphone to purchased. Ask a question to the salesperson about the second Smartphone. The question is up to you, especially how the performance of the Smartphone.

Third try direct Smartphone. If the store does not provide, I suggest looking for other store that provides products that could have a try. The fourth view age product is in store. Sometimes, these products are not entirely new; it might be some time in the store. Lastly, please read the brochure about the product that provided the store so that you can compare in the real product brochure you are holding. With this third step you are ready to buy Smartphone because you already have enough information and have tried these products directly. And if it is really already fit and the information true and already tried owned its own Smartphone, you can pay the price at the checkout.

Post Purchase Behavior There are some behaviors that are carried out after the purchase of consumer smart phones. Some of them are telling friends or family, do mention to colleagues, write on wall facebook, and write a review on the site certain consumer and many others. When it comes to its own Smartphone, its good you are registering you purchase through Smartphone site vendors. Usually this helps in case of damage or any complaints.

In addition, you also need to read the warranty for these smart phones. Ease in taking care of in the event of damage should also be noticed as added value in buying a Smartphone. These steps seem too ideal? Possible. But you need to pay attention that you pay off an amount of money that might be very important so of course you need to be careful in buying so as not to regret it later. What if it’s not friendly salesperson, while you can't bear to buy without having to ask quite a lot? I suggest calming down. As a buyer you need to pretend don't need to be the best salesperson out ability in explaining the sophistication of smart phones to their offers.

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