Wednesday, July 4, 2012

There is a new one, so it's cheaper

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface

Simply send a text for all transactions can be done. Starting from online banking transactions to the payment account of electricity. That's what happened today. So easy, fast and efficiency. First, a lot of people do attempt to meet all his needs. There is a dirt road for a distance of to get a strong signal when phone fun, there is also a must to spend deeply in order to reach communication abroad through the phone.

Not only that, even to know how the development is going on the industrialized world to await the arrival of scaled international newspaper day away in the morning. Are not realized, complex human needs is always balanced with less effort so practical, because draining which pretty much in the not too short. Of this, makes people vying to find technological innovation that can suffice the needs of everyone with an easy, fast and practical. For example, to what happened in Los Angeles, USA, recently.

The country is famous for its invention of Microsoft, was doing some new discovery again. This time, Microsoft is introducing a computer, electronic tablet gneiss, named Surface. Microsoft called Surface as a leap of great technology with hardware production itself. This is a completely community computing devices new from Microsoft. Embodies the notion that Surface software and hardware really support each other.
Smartphone that can do practically anything that can be done by a laptop. Not only that, even what is done by a digital camera can also be done. In short, this Smartphone combines a laptop with a digital camera.

Therefore easy to carry in the Pocket, Smartphone users can select where the work will be accomplished, given a permanent job can be done by the time he left the House or out of Office. Smart phone users can complete his work anywhere. Comfortable rooms are no longer to be a supremely. In addition to smart phones, iPad is also much loved by the people. IPad Tablet is launched the first time in the United States on April 3, 2010. Although the iPad has a lot of issue generation, but still many are hunted. This is because the latest generation of the iPad has always had surplus compared with previous generations, especially in terms of memory capacity, higher camera capabilities, and lighter weight. Another plus is the Retina Display which allows users to enlarge text read iPad. The development of technology it lets people read iPad books online.

A number of the leading online bookstore in the world makes special application for the iPad. This makes the iPad users not only can read the book online but also buy books and magazines. This is all changing the way we buy and read the book in. Books or magazines that have been purchased can be stored online. So easy and practical, because usually when we buy books we should carry it where ever we go until we finally put it down somewhere. Cannot be denied that the presence of the iPad join alter the perception of the meaning of print media. In America, nearly all mainstream media provides a special iPad app for free, ranging from The New York times, LA Times, Washington Post, Time and Newsweek magazine up. In China, the United Kingdom-language media such as the China Daily and the Shanghai Daily developing iPad version.

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