Sunday, July 8, 2012

Android Applications Integrated To Muslims: Muslims Pro

Android Applications Integrated To Muslims Pro
Android Applications Integrated To Muslims Pro 

For those of you Muslims, prayer and worship, and time are something that is mandatory and has been determined. This is true in General and without exception. If you are the one "field" which often are on the road at the time of Muslim prayers, the application Pro it will be required that there should be an application in Android gadgets.

Not only provides audio and visual notification of Athan time prayer times have arrived, this application also automatically calculate accurately prayer times and Qibla direction setting based on your location. This application is very helpful for every Muslim can perform worship to pray on time wherever located.

Android Applications

In addition, the application also comes with other features that are not less functional, such as:

Audio (reciter), tr. (spelling) and translation (translations of) the Bible Al Quran in five languages, namely the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Indonesia and Turkey.
Shaped compass moving animation that shows Qibla direction
Hijr Calendar
Ramadhan fasting month which highlights in particular.
The Widget contains Hijr date and prayer time.

Android Applications

Muslim Pro get assessment was satisfactory, i.e. an average of 4.6/5.0 from about 9 thousand users who review. Free application of artificial Bitsmedia PTE Ltd. has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times since it was first launched. The free application is an application integrated Pro Muslims for Muslims, which provides a wide range of full-featured related daily worship as Muslims.

Download application from Google Pro Muslim PlayStore HERE

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