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Towards the 'Internet Doomsday ' on July 9, 2012

Doomsday Internet on July 9, 2012


The day of resurrection according to the Maya Calendar falls on December 21, 2012. But in the virtual world more, namely in the internet, Apocalypse predicted would happen faster, 9 July 2012.

Before the resurrection really happened, internet users began to take action and prevention in order to perform their home survived the Ark. What's the story? It is said that, in November 2011, the FBI through the cold operation named ' Operation Ghost ' successfully removed the Click six citizens of Estonia for committing acts of shocking.

They infect more than four million computers in the world, both PC and Mac, malware that has the ability to change the computer’s DNS victims and ordered him to fake DNS servers which have been prepared in advance.

The aim is to obtain financial gain. Especially from the activity of online advertising, spam and scam. The problem is, at the time of the arrest there are still millions of computers infected by this DNSchanger, and keep using the fake DNS as primary.

If DNS servers are turned off, then it is false auto-all computers that use DNS are false will experience minor aka Apocalypse could not connect to the internet for his setting of the DNS has not been addressed.

Therefore, the FBI took the decision to retain these false DNS servers after cleaning up these servers from malicious action. It was good news for those of you who are infected by the DNSchanger. The bad news is, the Court ordered the FBI to shut down the entire DNS server fake last on 8 March 2012 and eventually extended until 9 July 2012 due to consider already gives quite a grace period for the victims of this to fix his computer DNSchanger.

Therefore, if your computer is infected by the DNSchanger and haven't cleaned up, then on 9 July 2012 practically cannot access the internet or in other words having a small internet doomsday. More wretched again, this not only infect the DNSchanger PCs and Macs but he also has the ability to infect routers – routers and DNS servers from the router to manipulate.

So the whole computer or device that is connected through a router and automatically use DNS router this will get lost and experienced internet Apocalypse also though computers is absolutely not infected by the DNSchanger. As information, DNS or Domain Name Server is a means of translators between human language with an IP address (internet protocol), which is the natural numbers. For instance, we would of course be easier given the whereas computer system actually identifies the address of the computer with a number or IP address.

So, actually known by computer us as If you want to try, please type the IP in the internet browser and we will be delivered to Google sites. DNS server this is what being ' touts ' translating human language to the IP number so understood by computers.

So in short, if there is no interpreter, the computer does not understand what the intent of the human being. And humans are less understanding technical factors like this will surely be confused why his computer so helpless and thought the Internet is dead. This will happen on July 9 at a later date.

Then the question, why our computer’s DNS can be changed? Of course this is caused by a virus that modifies the action of DNSChanger address DNS server computers are usually victimization--referring to the internet DNS provider or ISP--be a fake DNS list has been prepared in advance.

If the DNS server computer or your router using the IP address ranges CONTROL below, it means that your system has been infected by the DNSchanger, and including those that will experience the internet doomsday on July 9th.

dns charger

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