Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Google Reveals Source Code of Jelly Bean

Google Nexus 7 Cost

Google Nexus 7 Cost

Costs required by Google and Asus to build a Google Nexus 7 tablet were not too expensive. iSuppli recently uncovered a tablet Nexus 7 8 GB said that it cost estimated at $151.75.

Previously, there were others who also do demolition on Google's Android software is. TechInsights is a do it before iSuppli. However, figures released by TechInsights larger than iSuppli forecast, which is $184.

As is known, at the time of its launch, Google said that Google Nexus 7 tablet will be available at a price of $ 199 USD. Regardless of which party is correct estimates, Google will not gain a large profit from sales of Google Nexus 7 8GB. But it is different to Google Nexus 7 16 GB which sells for $ 249 USD. iSuppli estimates that the cost required to build a tablet of 16 GB is $ 159.25 USD.

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