Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Android Phone Made From Bamboo Is Ready To Launch

Android Phone Bamboo 

Android Phone Bamboo

Android Phone Bamboo 

Android phone made from Bamboo Ready Produced-Kieron-Scott Woodhouse aged 23 years designing this Smartphone at your leisure after he was frustrated due to lack of variation in the smart phone market. Smartphone’s called ADzero is made of bamboo, which was four years old, which is maintained because strong endurance.

ADzero weight is estimated to be only half the weight of an Apple iPhone up and running with the Android operating system. Features a camera "ring flash" with a circular-shaped flash around the lens of the camera to ensure a stable illumination and minimize shadows. Ring flash is not available on other mobile devices. 

Android Phone Bamboo Selection

Selection of bamboo as the mobile phone casing because it was originally aimed at the China market, and want to use strong materials Woodhouse could be produced locally. This Smartphone also only made of one type of material.

After receiving a good impression at London Design Week 2011, Woodhouse decided to post the design of smartphone online and he was contacted by Adzero, who want to embody the idea for real.

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