Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If the Law SOPA Confirmed, Will YouTube Blocked



If the U.S. Senate ratifies the Law SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), then one of the largest video sharing sites today, YouTube is blocked have to be prepared. It is because SOPA threatening to block a website suspected online piracy.

By relying on streaming video service, YouTube is transformed into a great site. And everyone knows that live on the YouTube video is owned by anyone, even other people who do upload the video.

Brent Hurley, Strategic Partner Manager on The Development Team explained that YouTube is essentially piracy, thus YouTube users get free promotion of its products, whether it be music, film or the like. Hurley adds, though SOPA only in the U.S., but its impact will be felt around the world. Suspected as website contain piracy, will be blocked can be accessed by U.S. citizens.

The YouTube himself has said that the rejection of the SOPA, previous, other major sites already committed rejection of this Law, such as Mozilla, and Wikipedia decided to go offline in the day Wednesday tomorrow as a protest against SOPA.

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