Thursday, July 5, 2012

Features of Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android Version 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android version 4.1 jelly bean
Android version 4.1 jelly bean

Android version 4.1 jelly bean has just been officially launched, and will start rolling in mid-July 2012 next month. Let us see the features supported by this operating system.

Google Now 

Google Now is a new feature on the Android system is best. This system can help you summarize and organize what you are doing at that point more quickly and more effectively. This system is similar to Siri who recognized the voice and the data supplemented by information from the search history, calendar, and your location that can provide useful answers in seconds.

Now Google can be accessed as a slide-up bar from the homescreen which will provide some information without your asking. Suppose you want to know where your city is KFC, Google Now will immediately notify the KFC closest to you and the various uses that could be found. 

Butter Project 

Behind the name is odd, there is such a brilliant idea. Butter Project goal is to make Android run on a solid 60fps, complete with forced vsync and triple buffering. Basically, the name is taken from Butter is slick, and the Jelly Bean is expected to be running as slippery as butter.

Butter Project also aims to improve the response of the touch screen to predict where your fingers will touch.

Butter also aims to improve the touch screen response, and how the system tracks your finger. This is done by predicting where your finger would.

Various features will be available from this Butter Project and we hope Android will be running smooth and seamless as quickly as IOS and Windows Phone. 


System Android has received notice from the improvements. Now you can select an application to appear on the notification. You can directly comment on Facebook, twitter, Google + notifications directly from your screen. Developers can also develop behavioral notification of the application makes. 


Google Chrome is now a standard browser for the Android 4.1. Currently Google Chrome will be available for Android and IOS. 

Android Beam 

Beam has been part of since the Ice Cream Sandwich Android was introduced, but the Jelly Bean, Beam Android will bring much improvement is needed. Android NFC Beam is a file sharing interface that serves to share files with phones that support NFC with just a tap. After a beat, the information will be immediately transferred to the receiving device.

Perhaps there are many handsets that have not adopted the NFC technology, but the development of this technology is starting to feel where almost all new devices are launched already started to adopt this technology. 

Better Camera application 

Application features an integrated camera has been added, although this addition is more to do to see the picture rather than shoot. Once you've done shooting, you can simply give "quick swipe" on the photo just taken. So is the gallery that can browse and delete photos more quickly

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