Sunday, July 1, 2012

Instagram: Apple iPhone Wince, Android shout



What happens when an application is already one and a half years at the Apple Store later expanded its reach to the Android platform? During this particular IOS iPhone users feel that the application that includes popular applications even number one in the field of photography, Instagram an exclusive applications for iPhone users or the general IOS. But since yesterday, this application also officially available for Android users who are obviously as insinuated by the iPhone users who like free.

Mixed reactions from iPhone users can appear after the official Instagram at Google Play. Please note does not take long, less than 24 hours, Instagram been downloaded more than a million by Android users. This proves that despite a similar application in Google Play (aka Android Market); Instagram has its own magical power that makes the interest of the Android users to download and use this application.

Yesterday I also had to download and install Instragram. I categorize this cool application; the author must have been a smart one knows the needs of consumers who want to change the photos they take with a great variety of settings. Overall, although he said there are still bugs, I am happy with this application, although I'm not one who often takes photos using a Smartphone.

Back to the reaction to release of iPhone users Instragram for Android. A tweet on Twitter to show the impression humbled by the user's iPhone Android users. Tweet of the account named @ Joel is as follows.

Instagram went from a gated community to section 8 all in one day
Tweet it mentioned in a clue that is Section 8. What is section 8? Section 8 housing vouchers for the residents of the United States are low income. Typically, quoting from, the program of the United States Government are related housing assistance for the poor until later independent enough to buy my own house. Housing subsidies are generally located in urban slums.

Referring to the above tweet obviously, iPhone users with the Twitter account @ Joel quipped those Android users as the low-income U.S. residents are covered by Section 8 program.

I think very funny look iPhone users this reaction. Funny, of course, because the application can be launched on any platform at will the creator application. Supposedly if Apple Inc. Instagram application that creates this feeling. But it's not Apple's developer. Although the application is first popular there with about 30 million users.

There are also iPhone users who do not want to be follow by those who use Instagram version of Android. Certainly odd enough to see this because once again, I never read that Instagram is an exclusive application for IOS users.

CNet in a report today also review the same thing. From the title of the article we could find out, how to release an iPhone user Instagram for Android. Article entitled iPhone users: Android is ruining our club Instagram IOS users proved there that feel that once again Instagram application is exclusively for users of Apple Inc's IOS.

Surely this is unacceptable; especially due to the spread of Android devices are more massive than the iPhone. Nowadays when we take the latest data there are about 750 thousand android devices that are activated each day. In total there are at least 200 million Android users around the world. Among the 200 million figures when we expect 50% of them liked Instagram application, there will be 100 million new users than the user Instagram IOS. This is a huge potential market that could not pass up. Of course as a developer, the more an application downloaded and used, the more that's good for developers.

It should be well thought out, that seems too proud of IOS users with Instagram apps that they use for this. They have been addicted to this application and then take your own conclusions. Instagram them for 18 months in IOS feel this application to them alone. This view is certainly something wrong because there is no binding agreement with developers Instagram IOS users to make Instragram exclusive only to users of IOS.

Finally, a tweet from my friend @ gurubimbel made me laugh until stomach ache more. Tweet is as follows:

IPhone and iPod users immediately uninstall # instagram since the release of the Google timeout Play too mainstreamed said
If we conclude tweet above, there are also users of iPhone and iPod IOS are disappointed after the release of Android Instagram to uninstall the device to perform them. Once again something strange often happens; it would be strange if considered an exclusive application for IOS users when the application developer maker did not say it.

Android users
Responses after the release of Android users Instagram for Android is clearly different. Many Android users are happy with this application so that they instantly make download although there are some features that are not yet available. Number of downloads over a million in less than 24 hours to prove that developers take great Instagram with the release of Android version. This proves Android users cannot be ignored. Their number is very much an extraordinary appeal for developers to create applications and even released an application that has only been in the IOS as Instagram.

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