Sunday, July 1, 2012

Love and Care Your Android

android features
Technological development was remarkable. Until now so many amazing stories about the technological features are present in our lives. One story that certainly helped us so much is its device's developers are presenting to us a wide range of new products.

One of which we now know is the development of the operating system. Of the many OS, there is one which would not attract the attention of each gadget enthusiasts. Android, yes, Android is an OS which is currently booming. Until now, the latest version of the output Android Ice Cream Sandwich which is the latest breakthrough after Android Gingerbread.

Android, as we know it is an OS which has advantages in its application features a diverse and creative. This application must be able to facilitate our access to entertainment and news and knowledge from different parts of the world very quickly. In addition, there are some things we need to consider in using this OS.

Android is an innate basis of the tablet computer and the Smartphone uses the energy consumption is not small. Surely you do not want to die while your Smartphone is really important is not it? So, you need to pay attention to saving your battery power consumption. With wise in using the application, you can save power without reducing the performance of your Smartphone.

Here are some tricks you can use to save power on your Smartphone


This step will be very useful for power saving your SP. By using this application, the performance of your SP will be optimal with efficient power consumption and is not in vain. This application can manage applications and disable unused.

So you only use applications that will be needed only. This way, your battery will live longer.

After using certain features we sometimes forget to turn it off again. It can throw us a useless battery. Examine after using some features, such as Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth, and immediately turn off after use

By using a 2G connection, you can save your battery life significantly. Android is known as a mobile phone that requires full internet connection. For those of you who do not use the internet package, 2G connection would be very wise for you. Due to activate 3G connection, your phone will perform automatic updates. If you do not want your pulse is sucked up with useless, 2G connection is the best way for you.

Auto-sync is a feature where the data information from our internet account, either privately owned or owned by friends who are verified in our account, be updated automatically to your Smartphone. Features like this are usually active when there is an internet connection or networks.
As the data background, auto-sync is used by Google's real-time synchronization, such as Gmail, Google, etc. contact the data. If you do not need this function, you should disable auto-sync it.

By using this function, reducing the active screen time can help save battery power. If the screen timeout is not needed, you can arrange the release of about 1 minute or less.


With this setting, you can store more power for your battery. The screen brightness using a great power. Reduce its intensity can economize on battery power and keep your Smartphone running well.


Background applications are applications that work behind the scenes. That is the application of this work by itself as a support function for other applications. But not all background applications are useful as needed. It helps us to disable some function is not so important to conserve battery power consumption. 


Some Android applications require this feature, which of course uses a lot of power to run it. This update is of course very important for the development of your Smartphone’s performance. To keep them healthy from the inside, very important update. But that does not mean you can not react wisely. You can still make regular updates while maintaining the durability of your battery power. 

You can set the update interval on your device in order to improve the vulnerable time is not too often. That way, your battery life will be maintained. 

9. Vibration

Vibration is not too important, really, except when you are in a super noisy environment and meeting the extreme environment. : D

Vibration will take up a lot of power left in your device.

It is important to pay attention and apply the above tips. Android is an operating system with a variety of attractive features and applications are varied. Android presents much later in life and help us in our access information. Therefore, it is very unfortunate if that capability is not supported by our awareness to use them wisely. In this case, the battery is vital to our attention. In order for optimum performance of your Smartphone and efficient and environmentally friendly, so dear to your battery inside and out.

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