Sunday, July 15, 2012

iPhone 5 Use Samsung Processor?

iPhone 5 

iphone 5

Various rumors circulating about non-stop not execute specification iPhone 5 or whatever his name later. Latest news, Apple's flagship Smartphone that will use the processor-based Exynos made in Samsung.

Quoted from the Examiner, sat on (7/7/2012), the report is derived from the original media Taiwan, DigiTimes last. According to reports, the latest iPhone related resources will be put on a quad core processor ARM architecture-based Samsung Exynos.

Apple is expected to release a new generation iPhone 5 being made based processor quad core Samsung Exynos 4 in the second half of 2012, so that the heat of competition," according to a report from DigiTimes last.

Smartphone’s today are indeed many wear 4 processors to increase performance of the brain. Call it HTC, LG Optimus One X 4 x HD and Samsung Galaxy S course III.

Other rumors that circulated for example iPhone screen will be larger in size and put a NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Reportedly, the new generation iPhone 5 will be released the end of 2012 it admits.

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