Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nokia Ask Android to Stop Patents Violating

Nokia vs Android
Google has recently accused Microsoft and Nokia conspiring to try to raise prices to exploit the patent Android phone. Nokia has denied the accusation and pointed out that behind the Android basically a problem with patent infringement.

 Google is Microsoft assess allegations as 'desperate tactics'. Meanwhile, Nokia said Google charges the wrong address. Nokia denied colluding with Microsoft to hurt Android.

Both companies (Microsoft & Nokia-red) have its own intellectual property," said Nokia spokesman quoted by the Guardian, Wednesday (06/06/2012). Instead, he in turn accused Android troubled about the patent.

We agree with Google that the Android has issues of intellectual property infringement, and we welcome constructive efforts to stop the unauthorized use of intellectual property owned by Nokia, Nokia added. 

Nokia itself has been sued ViewSonic, one Android device makers. ViewSonic tablet Nokia accused they're wearing his patent without permission.

While Microsoft has long agreed to license some manufacturers such as HTC and Acer Android which uses patented technology. So Microsoft gets a small amount of money from Android phones is sold each.

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