Saturday, August 11, 2012

Application to Display Photos Instagram on Android Home Screen



One more interesting application for users who may make the user Instagram IOS bite the finger because it is only available for Android devices, the application BlinxBox. BlinxBox application can display photos stored on the user's account Instagram Android home screen as a widget.

Instagram BlinxBox will display your feeds and will automatically update the latest photos contained in Instagram users. Of the Android home screen, you can instantly share photos Instagram to Facebook, read comments or to label Love.

blinxbox android apps

In order to enable applications BlinxBox on Android devices, you do not have to install Instagram for Android first. You simply install the application BlinxBox and authorize to access your Instagram account, and then an instant later, you will find BlinxBox widget in Android home screen with photos of your collection in Instagram is there.

You can set up a way to tap on the icon BlinxBox. You can make settings such as select a ringtone or vibration when new photos are added as well as notification settings when your Android device screen is locked.

BlinxBox available free on Google's Android Play Store and requires version 2.2 or later to run.

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