Saturday, August 25, 2012

Facebook Employee Mandatory to Use Android

android for facebook employee

Facebook is reported to have made ​​a new policy requiring all employees to use the gadget with the Android operating system. This policy is applied to the Facebook application on Android can be as good as on the iPhone and iPad apps.

Pocketnow report quoted officials revealed that the majority of Facebook is now using two handsets. One of Apple products, other gadgets with Android OS.

From the statements of former employees who knew what was up, the use of two handsets was not an option given, but an obligation. They said, this policy is because there are many flaws in the Facebook application for Android.

Now, with the obligation to use your Android device, it is expected that all employees of Facebook can tell from experience if there is weakness in Android applications. So, Facebook can directly provide a solution to overcome the disturbance.

As quoted from Mashable, Saturday (08/26/2012), Facebook has recently released the latest update for Android app followed for iPhone and iPad update shortly thereafter.

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