Sunday, August 5, 2012

Firefox 7.0 for Android

Firefox 7.0  

firefox for android
 Mozilla today released Firefox simultaneously for the Desktop version 7 and Android, and now you can download Firefox 7.0 for android free on Android Market via your android phone. Firefox 7.0 comes with several improvements and new features. Here we will discuss the application of the best browser for this android and also will give you the link to download Firefox 7.0 apk android.

However, Firefox is a browser application known at this time. You can find more discussion of the features of this browser in our previous post. At this time, we will only discuss the latest features and some of the changes brought on by Firefox 7.0 for android. Check it out.

Copy and paste feature improvements: You can copy and paste content from a site into other applications such as SMS, or text field
Integrated language-detection when first run
WebSockets API: a sophisticated tool that is devoted to the developer in order to bring up a web-based applications and websites.

In addition to the above features, you can find other features in our previous post about Firefox to Android. If you've installed applications previously android browser, you only need to update. But if you have never tried this application, we strongly recommend you try it, you can download Firefox 7.0 for Android in the Android Market.

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