Sunday, August 5, 2012

Final Fantasy III Game Now Available For Android

Final Fantasy III 

Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy RPG game produced and released by Square Enix in 1990 for the Nintendo console now available for Android devices after last year's IOS platform users have been enjoying the first game Final Fantasy III. The game has actually been available for Android since last March, but only available in text as well as Japanese. Since late June, Final Fantasy III is now available in Google's Play Store in U.S. and European versions.

Final Fantasy III is the story of four young orphan who gets a glowing testament of the crystal (crystal of light) to restore balance to the world. Crystal light is then giving to the super power of the four youths. Next, they begin an adventure to restore the light that has been taken from the world and save humanity from the powers of darkness.

Final Fantasy III game for Android offers a captivating graphics and intuitive touch experience-panel controls and storyline that challenge the gamer adrenalin. With a very impressive visual look of gamers will be pampered with an adventure game playing either directly from the Android phones and tablets.

You can see a video demo of Final Fantasy III game to be played on Android devices below:

To be able to bring the game Final Fantasy III on your Android phone or tablet, the device that you use at least have used Android Froyo (V2.2) or later and make up the game for $ 17.56.If you are interested you can instantly purchase and download at Google Play Store via this link.

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