Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook Apps Center Has Officially Released

Facebook Apps Center

facebook apps centre
A few times ago Facebook has announced the Facebook Apps Center for the web, Android and IOS. App Center is still in development stage is a place that provides applications and games related to the Facebook developer platform. Interval of one month since the announcement, Facebook Apps Center is now released to the public in San Francisco.

In App Center, Facebook users can browse and find a variety of applications they want. Applications can be found or discovered at random from the update friends, but not in a familiar format like "app store". Facebook Apps Center will recommend applications based on user profiles, and also helped found the most popular applications and applications used by their friends.

App Center is also available for IOS and Android devices other than their own facebook.com. Both the web or mobile, App Center will allow the user preview the application before installing or using it. For now, the newly launched Facebook Apps Center for users in the United States with approximately 600 applications. While the global release will commence the next few weeks.
facebook apps centre
facebook apps centre

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