Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Maps for Android Officially Getting Offline Support

Google Maps 

Google Maps

Maps event has been announced by Google last week which was held today (U.S. time), as had been planned. In the event Offline Maps has officially come out of Google Labs, which means now no longer in beta.
For users of Google Maps on Android devices in the near future have the option of full maps download in a particular area. Previously this function can only be done by utilizing the cache of route you want to display. With this new feature the user does not need to use a cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

New features offline maps on Google Maps for Android will really help you, especially if you often travel to new cities you've never explored. Also will be working when you're in the internet network is not available.

Unfortunately Google did not give the exact date when offline support for Google Maps for Android is given. Maybe the coming weeks...

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