Saturday, July 7, 2012

10 best free Games on Android

Every time I searched the Android game review, the results always show the Angry Birds and frankly the game was quite boring for me. So, according to my own here's 10 of the best free games on Android.

1. Mouse Trap
This is a simple game that will keep you hooked for a long time. This Game consists of a maze and a mouse trapped inside. You have to move the block in order to move towards the exit. There are many levels of the game, and you can still sit for hours. If you are a fan of puzzle games, game this one is suitable for you.

2. Wordfeud
This is multiplayer games that are all concerned about creating new words, so that it can increase your vocabulary. This Game can be used on Android and the iPhone. You need to put the tiles on the Board tiles that have been available and you can make the words. You get a lot of options for the game, and you can play around 30 games simultaneously.

3. Ant Smasher
This Game will keep your kids occupied. In this game, the ants walk on the screen and you must destroy them by pressing the ants on the screen. A growing number of ants that you kill the more points you get anyway. Just be careful with the sting of Bees. If you touch it, You DONE.

4. Connect'Em
If you like puzzle games, this one is a challenge for you. In the game, you must connect a WAD of one with the other. Each blog has a couple of connectors, and you should link them in the right way.

5. Pumpkins vs Monsters
Save your pumpkin and then throw to the monsters. One pumpkin will kill one monster, and some are heavier again. Kill monsters and collect his coins. You'll get special powers.

Pumpkins vs Monsters

6. X Construction Lite
If you like physics lessons, you will love this game. Ok so this might be the most interesting matches you will ever see, but this one will keep you busy for hours before you uninstall. You are a construction engineer to make a railway bridge with materials provided. Make sure the train did not fall!

X Construction Lite

7. Stupid Zombies
Game this one is an interesting game that would offer a bit of Gore. You are granted a limited and bullet you must use her so you can kill all the Zombies that exist. This Game I installed last week at the Samsung Galaxy and the result of this game is very fun for me.

Stupid Zombies

8. Jewels
The game is very simple. You are just early gems of the same. The more jewels you match, the more points you get.


9. Paper Toss
A piece of paper that has been on the broken then you throws into the trash that has been available. You should really put these paper balls properly, especially when there is a fan that will banish the ball towards your paper trash.

Paper Toss

10. Find Differences
Maybe you feel bored at first, but soon will draw your attention, and you'll find yourself downloading packages the bigger picture, just to keep the game running.

Find Differences

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