Friday, July 6, 2012

Review Flipboard For Android

After going through the process of beta now popular magazine application you can download Flipboard has directly via Google Play Store. Flipboard offers easy for you to find many things in one place.

With Flipboard you can closely monitor the development of interesting things you want to know directly from the screen of Android devices. Ranging from monitoring the Twitter timeline to find out the development of the world through news sites and newspapers such as the BBC, USA Today and The Verge.

Not only have that, via Flipboard for Android you’ll get to seen all photos and postings of your friends on Facebook and Instagram. Likewise with the video work of artists or music videos from the world of your favorite bands.

Flipboard application has been given on the iOS platform before its appearance for the first time in the Android OS over the Samsung Galaxy S release III. A month after only available exclusively in a Galaxy S III, now could have been installed in Flipboard all Android devices through its release on Google Play Store.

Flipboard for Android version that exists today was designed for smartphone, not the tablet. This application has gained numerous awards as the best critical applications, as well as applications, applications with the best concept in 2010.

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