Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mini iPad Ready to Attend This Year

Mini iPad 

The production of so-called mini iPad will run from September.
Apple has long been rumored iPad is preparing a mini. The success of Kindle Fire, 7-inch tablet is priced at a low price, called the reason for Apple to bring the mini iPad. Sources in The Wall Street Journal said Apple has been producing mini iPad, and ready to be launched this year.

mini ipadSources derived from the production chain in Asia was called the Apple tablet production will run from September. Apple's new tablet called will have a screen measuring 7 or 8 inches. Even so, many sources in various media are believed to be present in the Mini iPad 7.85 inch screen.

TechRadar cite pages, this new iPad will be priced between U.S. $ 249 to U.S. $ 299. With cheaper prices, this iPad is not expected to come with technology Retina Display on the screen. The image resolution will be the same as the previous generation iPad, which is 2048 x 1536 p. In addition, the so-called mini iPad will be accompanied only by the capacity of 8 GB of storage.

This specification is called a very minimalist. Because, a lot of HD video formats and even up to 4 GB. Gaming applications also require a large storage capacity. Analyst Ben Reitzes A later mention that the presence of mini iPad will not affect the sale of New iPad. Indeed, iPad Mini would be an alternative choice, especially for educational institutions.

Therefore, it will be integrated with an electronic textbook that has been introduced before Apple. Even so, Apple has never made ​​a formal statement about the mini iPad.

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