Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Facing The Doomsday Attack on 9 July 2012


Doomsday july 9Today is the 4th of July and the last five days before the "internet doomsday" or "Doomsday PC" occurred. 5 days from now, all the infected computer and connect to the internet cannot access email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any address on the internet.

According, the FBI stated that they were responsible for the deactivation of the internet on the 9th of July. The FBI said today as the Internet Doomsday. Why does the FBI want to turn off the internet on July 9? That is because the reports of a Trojan attack that will wipe out the entire internet world like a tsunami.

DNSCharger Trojan called Trojan is a creation of cybercriminals from Estonia. This Trojan will infect all Windows-based PC and Mac as well as damage the router is connected to the internet.

Now this notes, there are 4 million computers and routers connected to the internet. Trojan has also been crippled DNSCharger approximately 500 thousand windows PC and Mac in 2007.
Therefore, the FBI recommends that Internet users to perform three steps before the anticipated date of July 9. 

1. Check out all the settings on the computer
2. Using or allowing the best antivirus in a computer device
3. Checking the computer system connected to the internet
4. Click the following link to diagnose your PC:

4 steps above are not the only way to save our computers from attack DNSCharger Trojan, but what's wrong when trying these steps. Is better than cure keep, right?

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